Library vs. Closet


I’ve noticed there has been a lot of posts lately about cleaning out closets or redoing rooms in houses/apartments for a closet area. The other day when I was putting some of my summer clothes into storage and pulling out winter things I got to thinking that I wish I could create my own little room for whatever I want. And then I fell down the rabbit hole.

I started thinking – if I could create my own little dream room, would I choose a library or a closet?

As I’m sure you have guessed, I love clothes, fashion and creating my own style. So I have a pretty substantial closet. And if love to be able to display it more rather than having things just where they fit.

But then there is books. I love books. I remember when I was in fourth grade and we read The Hobbit. As soon as I finished it (early of course) I made my mom take my to Barnes & Noble so I could buy The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m pretty sure I finished that before the rest of my class even finished The Hobbit.

Many years later and marrying my husband that also enjoys reading, we have 4 bookshelves full. And they all have 5 shelves. Plus we have another bookshelf that needs to be put together. Because we have got some double stacking going on.

So back to my original question – which room would I choose?

I would have to go with the library. Now, it would have to be pretty bad ass – like a fireplace and ridiculously comfortable chairs.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind if one section could be storage for part of my closet (hey – go for the gold right??)

So now that you have went down that rabbit hole with me, which would you choose?

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