My Closet Organization

Today is the start of the new Style Me Bloggers Linkup and we are talking closet organization!

Puppies & Pretties Closet Tips & Tricks

  • I roll everything that goes into drawers – tshirts, pants, shorts
  • I only hang more structured clothing – think blazers, sweatshirts, blouses, jackets, vests
  • I use big bag totes (like this) to hold dresses and sweaters. Right now I have 3 – one for sweaters, 1 for sleeveless dresses, and 1 for sleeved dresses.
  • I have a small shelf from Ikea that I use for shoes – especially booties
  • I don’ t have any specific sorting that I do, but I try to keep similar things by each other – think vests are hung all together, workout tees are all in the same drawer, cardigans are folded up on one spot
  • i hang up most of my jewelry.
  • I use one of those collapsable shelf things (like this) for all my purses. But instead of hanging it from the closet bar, I have it laying horizontally on a shelf so I get to use the compartments plus place things on top.

What are your favorite organization tips? Don’t forget to check out the others that are linked up. I know I can’t wait to read everyone’s ideas!


5 thoughts on “My Closet Organization

    1. Alison C

      I just started doing it this summer and it saves SO much space! My thought was – if I do this to travel (like you) why don’t I do it at home?

  1. Sarah C

    wow, rolling for putting away, that would make life easier and probably easier to find in the drawer…so I wouldn’t have to take everything out…good idea!

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