Elbow Patches and Plaid

How is the weekend already over? I could use a day between Sunday and Monday to catch up on everything. But it was one heck of a weekend! I was lucky enough to see Garth Brooks this on Saturday night. We (me, my husband, and another couple) drove to Minneapolis for the 10:30 (err, it actually started at 11:30) show. Let me tell you, I was feeling pretty old staying up until 2 AM for the show and then by the time we got back to where we were staying, it was almost 3! Plus I was the driver, so trying to navigate the snowy streets and crazy parking ramps of downtown Minneapolis made for a long day.

At Garth!

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We were WAAY up in the nosebleeds, but it was still a great show.

#latergram from the awesome #garthbrooks show last night. Still recovering from lack of sleep but it was totally worth it!

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I wore a similar outfit to this one to the concert. It is absolutely freezing here in MN so I knew I would want a sweater and scarf for warmth. And what better scarf than a big plaid blanket scarf? I ended up being pretty cold at the concert so I unfolded my scarf and used it as a shawl/blanket to stay a bit warmer.




You know what else I love about this outfit? The sweater. It is actually a men’s sweater from American Eagle. I actually shop in the guy’s section often at AE. I love how their sweaters fit. The torso is long enough (why are so many women’s tops from there so short?) plus the sleeves are actually long enough for me. A sweater that I can actually pull the sleeves over my hands a bit is a winner in my book. Plus the elbow patches on this one are a detail that I love.


Do you ever shop in the guy’s section at stores? Which ones do you frequent?

I’m also linking up to the #BloggersWhoBudget post on favorite plaid item! It is obviously this blanket scarf that I scooped up from Brina’s Box via Jane on a steal of $20 (plus shipping). I know I’ll be wearing it all winter long!

Sweater: American Eagle (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: Express
Scarf: Brina Box via Jane
Boots: Clarks
Purse: Kate Spade (similar)


4 thoughts on “Elbow Patches and Plaid

    1. Alison C

      I’m absolutely loving blanket scarves too! I actually like the mens section better I think at AE! Thanks for the nomination – I better get on writing that post 🙂

  1. Riva @ Riva La Diva

    So fun! I saw him YEARS ago back in the 90’s nose bleed as well but still fun!!
    I love you striped back and sweater! You blanket scarf is gorgeous!
    I LOVE blanketscarves, aren’t they the best? I am in LA and so it’s not get too cold yet and so blanket scarves are so easy to just throw on and walk out the door. Also, did you know they are so crazy easy to make yourself? A fraction of the price that you would pay a retail, I have a DIY BlanketScarf tutorial on my blog, you should totally check it out sometime! PLUS, they make awesome gifts!!


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