Foxy Sweater + Favorite Holiday Treat

Quirky sweaters are seriously the best. I wrote about a few of my favorites here and now today’s outfit. 

When I go to Kohl’s, I always swing by the Lauren Conrad section. There always seems to be something I like there. This sweater is no different. I sale stalked it like crazy last year until I finally got it for about $10.

For this outfit I paired it with a plaid skirt for a fun and preppy look. How do you like to wear your quirky sweaters?



fox-sweater-plaid-skirt fox-sweater-plaid-skirt2

Sweater: Kohl’s (tan fox, blue fox)
Skirt: Land’s End (olive A-line, similar colors)
Boots: Clarks (similar)
Necklace: Apple of My Eye Jewelry (similar)

Now for the Style Me Blogger Linkup! I don’t have a particular favorite holiday meal, so I thought I would share one of my favorite holiday treats. This recipe is so easy, I can even make it. I’m terrible in the kitchen (I live off of mac & cheese, pizza, chicken strips and then my husband cooks for me from time to time). So if I can make it, anyone can!

Yes, it tastes even better than it looks. I made this for a cookie exchange last year, and it was a major hit. Every time I make it, I have to give some of it away. Because if it is in my house, I will eat it. And no one should eat 4 pounds of fudge by themselves!


12 thoughts on “Foxy Sweater + Favorite Holiday Treat

  1. Joy Cochran

    I will have to tell my daughter about that sweater. She loves holiday sweaters, and that looks like something she’d get a kick out of. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sheila DelCharco

    I like the way you styled your quirky sweater with the plaid skirt. Very cute that way! Your treat looks yummy!!!

    Sheila @ Sheila’s Potpourri

    1. Alison C

      Thanks Sheila! I was actually kind of surprised at how well it went with this skirt – definitely a combo that you don’t expect to work until the pieces are right next to each other

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