A Trip to Urgent Care & Anniversary Dinner

Well, I had an eventful Wednesday. It started with waking up about an hour earlier than normal to make a trip to Urgent Care. Now, that sounds serious, but it wasn’t really. My finger has been hurting for the last ten days and I finally called the Nurse Hotline and she recommended that I go in. So I make the trip to the hospital and went on a merry little rotation of different rooms. Forty-five minutes later, a set of x-rays, and about 5 different rooms, I find out I somehow sprained/strained my middle finger.

Well, at least it isn't broken. Right?

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So now I get to run around with tape on my two fingers for a few days. Do you know how hard it is to type like this?!? Or even right click?

I go to work after my lovely trip to urgent care and sit through the.longest.day.ever. A combination of waking up early, eating lunch earlier than normal (boss brought in some tasty lunch), and it just being Wednesday made for a loooonngg day.

After work, I headed to the Waterfront Restaurant in La Crosse to meet my husband for our anniversary dinner. We have been married for 3 years! The Waterfront is the one fancy restaurant in our area so it is always a treat to go there. Both of us got a tasty steaks. Nick had to cut my steak because of my bum fingers….

Since it was our anniversary, we actually got a dessert on the house. I immediately ordered the special – flour-less chocolate cake with peppermint mouse. SO GOOD. They even put “Happy Anniversary” on my plate.

Had a delicious anniversary dinner at the Waterfront tonight. They even gave us dessert! ???

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So all in all, it was a pretty crazy day. How was your Wednesday?