Weekly Pretties: Camera Bags

I’ve got a trip planned soon so I’m in the market for a camera bag that can double as a purse. IE – not the lame black bag I currently carry my DSLR. So  for today’s Weekly Pretties post, I’ve pulled together a few bags that I have my eye on.


  1. Jo Totes Abby: This one is on the top of my list. It is only $89, so fits right into my budget. It looks like a purse but it can easily fit a camera plus regular purse stuff. Available in 3 colors. Also available here.
  2. Koolertron via Amazon: The bargain bag of the bunch. I like the dark brown of it, but it seems a bit utilitarian for me.
  3. The Claremont by Lo & Sons: The spendy one of the group. I absolutely love this one, buy at $ , it is way out of my price range.
  4. Janine King Designs via Etsy: You really cannot go wrong with leopard. But I’m not sure I’m sold on the big flap. Priced at $, it is a good deal.
  5. Jo Totes Georgia: I love the nautical feel of this one and the front pockets. But it is pretty large (watch the video to really get an idea of how big it is!). It is probably tied for number 2 (along with the leopard one) on my list. Priced at $109. Also available here.

So which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments! Or if you have seen a bag out in the wilds of the interwebs, send me a link!