December Reads

Another thing that I want to do this year is bring a bit more life to my style blog. So that means there will be on occasional post on books, my dogs (this definitely needs to happen more) and other potentially other things that I can’t think of right now. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this “Show Us Your Books!” linkup with Life According to Steph and Jana Says last month!


Books I Read in December

Seven Forges by James Moore: This book was a daily deal on Barnes & Noble one day and I thought it sounded good so I picked up the nook book. I really liked this book. A group of people are sent into the Blasted Lands by the emperor of Fellein to map it. They encounter someone from a people (the Sa’ba Taalor) their entire empire didn’t know existed. Turns out there is a whole nation of slightly evolved humans living on the other side of the Blasted Lands. After this encounter, there is all sorts of politicking on both sides to become allies because the empire doesn’t want war with the highly militaristic society. That doesn’t end up working out very well.

The Blasted Lands by James Moore: As soon as I finished Seven Forges, I had to get this right away. It picks up right after SF and continues the story line. In this book we learn much more about the Sa’ba Taalor and their “hands on” gods. We also see the Fellein prepare for a war. It is tough to write too much about this without spoilers. But if you like world building, interesting characters, and SFF, you should pick up this series.

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wrecker: There was all sorts of buzz around this book so when it was a Kindle Deal of the Day (see a pattern here?), I bought it. It follows the lives of a golem (a “person” made of clay) and Jinni (a creature of the desert stuck in human form). While the writing was absolutely wonderful, the story just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was the supernatural beings trying so hard to be humans. My thought is that if I’m reading SFF, I don’t want those beings to be human I want them to actually be supernatural! I would still recommend this book just for the writing, but it might be better for people that are leery of SFF and just want a dash of it.


There you have it! Have you read any of these? What are you reading right now?


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12 thoughts on “December Reads

  1. Jana @ Jana Says

    I am definitely not a science fiction or fantasy fan but I have a friend who loves it (and writes his own fantasy stories, too!) so I’ll have to share these with him. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Food Booze & Baggage

    I’ll have to look into the Moore books. I tried twice to finish The Golem and the Jinni, both times I had to return it before I made it through. For some reason it didn’t suck me in.

    1. Alison C

      I think that would of happened to me too but I read it around Christmas so I had extra time on my hands. I would of been hard pressed to make time like I usually do for books I really like.

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