Help Me Pack: Shoes

Hi everyone! I’ve got a trip coming up at the end of the month and I need some help. I’m still hoping the Texas weather will let me wear dresses with bare legs but from the extended forecast, I won’t be getting that. Since the tights will likely have to come along, I need help picking shoes/boots to bring along. I’ve got three dresses picked out. I’ll be wearing these dresses for wedding events; rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and brunch.


Dress 1: Gap (on sale!) | Dress 2: Lilly Pulitzer | Dress 3: Gap Factory

So here is my question – What kind of shoes should I wear with these? I’m definitely open to different color tights/nylons. I’d prefer to limit my shoes to 1 or 2 for dress wearing.

It is times like these that I wish I could find a pair of pumps that didn’t kill my feet, because¬†that would be ideal. But alas, my feet seem to have other ideas.

Let me know in the comments what ideas you have for tight color, shoe style or if you have a pair of magical pumps that are actually comfortable!


PS: I took this photo in my new “studio” and I’ve still got some work to do on the best way to take photos. Be on the lookout for my first outfit post from indoor photos and a review of all the items I’m using!


4 thoughts on “Help Me Pack: Shoes

  1. Alanna @ Alanna and Co

    Ok, I will say, I am definitely no fashionista! Buttttt I do have a Lilly dress pretty similar and my go to outfit with that is a peep toe nude bootie that I have! Not sure how the weather is where you’ll be but just something to think about!

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