Dee Takes Over


Hi! My mom has finally come to her senses and let me have a day on Puppies & Pretties. I think she is trying to make up for when she abandoned me at grandma’s house for a whole week (she called it “vacation” but she totally abandoned me and my brothers to a week of sleeping in our crates instead of the bed).  For those who don’t know me, I’m DeeDee. I’m the queen of the house and I like to boss my brothers around a lot, especially Matt. It doesn’t work as well with Stunner, he just steps in me which is completely unacceptable in my book.  

Anyways, today I’m sharing what we have been up to since mom finally picked us up from grandma’s. Because you can bet that we didn’t let her out of our site for several days.
I finally got back to my spot on the couch (see above). Mom took the boys out snowshoeing. I thought about going, but it is kind of cold for me and and I need to catch up on my napping.

matt-stuck-in-snowMatt has some problems in the snow, as you can see. His short little legs don’t work well in the deep snow.

matt-in-snowThey ran all over the place and even saw this pretty scene.

landscapeMom is a blogger after all, so she had to get a selfie in.



Once they got back from snowshoeing and woke me up from my nap (how rude), I decided to jump around and play with Matt. He wasn’t too enthused, but he can’t turn down his “big” sister!


After all that business, Matt was pretty tired. Here is his “I’m so cute, you should give me a treat face.” Which I am all for since if Matt gets a treat, I get a treat.



Finally, mom decided that I had to go outside too. I’m not a huge fan of this, unless of course it is 90 degrees outside and sunny. None of this cold weather for me. Since I don’t like the cold, every time I have to go outside, mom takes a little of my dignity away and puts me in a sweater or coat. I am not enthused by this whatsoever.



There you have it! I hope you enjoyed my little takeover of Puppies & Pretties. Maybe if you ask nicely Mom will let me come back!


2 thoughts on “Dee Takes Over

  1. Leslie Roberts Clingan

    Gosh, DeeDee, you and Matt have such gorgeous, pleading eyes. I am afraid I would be giving you treats every time you looked at me with those big brown eyes. It was fun to meet you both. Give mommy a hug for me.

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