Don’t Mess with Texas

I’ve been meaning to write this post since I got back from Texas. And finally, almost a month later, I did. Do you ever have that happen? Anyone else feel like the month of February absolutely flew by? Woahza.

Anyway, to the recap!

Day 1: We drove. And drove. We actually made it all the way to the Texas Motor Speedway, just north of Ft. Worth.

Day 2: We made it the last few hours to Austin. We met some family members and from there split off to various tasks. I got to visit a Costco for the first time, and it was pretty much amazing and made me wish we had one nearby. We then went to a mall to a little shopping. A random lady walked up to me and asked about my Texas Forever shirt that I of course had to wear. Finally, I got to my hotel and we had to get ready for the night’s activities.

The rehearsal dinner was held at The Oasis on Lake Travis. It offered some pretty spectacular views of the lake. The weather was kind of gloomy, but I can imagine the sunsets are amazing. If I ever make it back to the Austin area, I certainly want to stop here again and have a meal and take in the views again.


Day 3: Several of us decided to go back to The Oasis to look around the grounds more. The weather wasn’t very pleasant; cloudy, windy, and cool. I still got some great shots of Lake Travis before we headed back to town for lunch.



We headed out to the wedding, which was held in a little chapel approximately .75 hours north of Cedar Park (where we were staying). The weather took a turn for the worse and rained the whole afternoon and evening. The wedding still turned out great and they had the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries. Like my mouth just waters thinking about it.

Day 4: We were now family-free and our vacation officially started. While planning our trip, there was one place that I wanted to visit for sure in Austin and that was Capital City Bakery. I had seen it on TV and knew I had to go. They have absolutely delicious all-vegan baked goods. We went with cupcakes – I had a peanut butter one and my husband got a Mississippi Mud (I think that was what it was called). OMG so good.


After our trip to the bakery, we had to work off some of those calories, we took a walk around a nearby lake. The weather was wonderful all day; mostly sunny and around 70.


We still had some time to waste until we could check into our hotel so we decided to head to the neighborhood of it – The Domain. We ate a late lunch at Kona Grill. I’m on a major guacamole kick so I had to get the avocado chicken club sandwich and it was so good. We then made our way to our new hotel – The Lone Star Court. I had found a deal on RueLaLa for about half the normal cost.

After we checked in, I promptly left my husband to take a nap and made my way back up to The Domain mall. I was in heaven. Lilly Pulitzer (purchase here), Vineyard Vines (here), H&M (here), Forever 21, and all sorts of other stores that I never get to actually visit. I spent several hours walking around and shopping to my wallet’s discontent. I finally pulled myself away from the mall and walked back to Lone Star Court.

Lone Star is a fun little boutique hotel that features rustic decor and a great courtyard. It’s within walking distance to all the stores at The Domain. The courtyard was inviting and the pool looked great. I can image staying there for a girl’s weekend away. The only con was that our room was pretty warm – the AC didn’t seem to want to kick in and the bed was quite uncomfortable. I’m used to a firm mattress and the one there was quite squishy.

Day 5: Sigh. Back in the car again for the 6 hour trip to South Padre Island. The weather continued to worsen the farther south we got until it was gloomy, cloudy, and rainy. We made it to our hotel, The Hilton, and stayed in for the night.

Days 6-7: My advice on South Padre Island? Go when the weather is good. There really isn’t much to do when it is cold, rainy, and windy. I think the warmest it got was 60 and we saw the sun for about 20 minutes total. We would go on walks on the beach when the rain stopped, and watch all the crazy birds. Oh, and we sort of felt that we were vacationing with our grandparents, because the median age at our hotel was probably 65.






One night we ate at this amazing italian restaurant, Gabriella’s. I got a calzone and truffle fries and my husband got a pizza. The food was amazing. My husband said his pizza was in the top 2 that he has eaten and the fries were amazing. As soon as we got home, we tried to recreate them.


Day 8: Driving, Driving, Driving. One excitement that we had was going through a border checkpoint, so that was fun. And I got to have my birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel – I love their breakfast!


My favorite part of the trip was by far the day spent in Austin and The Domain. Shopping and chocolate are obviously the key to my heart 🙂


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