Don’t Be a Duck


Most of you probably went “awww baby duckies!” Me? These little fluffs will be the bane of my existance for several years.

“But they are cute little baby duckies how can you not like baby duckies?!” You say.

Because they are birds. And I really dislike birds. And there is a swimming pool full of these little girls currently living in my basement.

Let me tell you a story about these little ducks. My husband got them in the mail last Wednesday. He quickly realized that the tubs he had gotten would only get them through one day and had to go get kiddie pools. He transferred them to a pool on Thursday. He went out with some friends that night and as I was watching TV, I kept hearing squeaks from the basement. I go down there and lo and behold, a little duck is running around. I promptly text my husband hoping that he will be coming home soon. No such luck. He asks me to try and catch the little devil. I then spend the next half hour chasing this little duck around the pool until I finally corner it. Fun way to spend my Thursday evening, no?

Saturday rolls around and when I get up, I once again hear squeaks. Knowing that one is out, I run upstairs to wake my husband up to take care of it. He goes down and not 5 minutes later, comes back up saying he needs help. “Stymied by a little duck? I thought they were easy to catch?” I say (that is what he said to me on Thursday.) He says there are two out so it makes it more difficult because they run off by themselves rather than stay by the rest of the flock. Yeah, sure Hun. I am still rolling my eyes at that one. And he still owes me big time.

So what is it about birds that I don’t like? I’m not really sure.  I’m a farm girl through and through but we never had any sort of birds growing up. Tell me I have to shear a sheep or help herd cattle in? No big deal. But try to hand me a chicken and I’ll scream like a little girl (trust me, it happened). There is something about domesticated birds that I don’t like. Birds out in nature flying around, NBD (see this post for proof). But tell me I have to do something with them? Nope. Ain’t going to happen.

I also have have a fun rooster story, but I think I’ll save that for another post.

How about you? Do you like birds? Me? I’m perfectly content with buying my eggs from the grocery store rather than having farm fresh ones!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Duck

  1. Leslie Roberts Clingan

    I do not like birds much either, although I am softening. I can’t really explain why I don’t care for them but I can explain why I am softening toward them. My youngest daughter has begun feeding some birds from her Houston apartment balcony and they are a lot of company and pleasure to her. I am sad that we live 700 miles apart and so I am glad the birds are there for her. And you have to admit, these little fuzzy babies are kinda cute! But did I miss why and HOW your husband ordered them in the mail? Looking forward to the rooster story.

    1. Alison C

      Oh, they certainly are cute, just not in my basement 🙂 I don’t really know how the whole through the mail works – he ordered them online and the day they came he went to the post office first thing in the morning to pick them up.

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