Boy Scout


Ever have one of those days where it feels like everything you do takes you two steps back? Yeah, I had one of those days today.

I’ve been terrible about going to  the gym ever since I got back from Texas. As in, I haven’t went to the gym in two weeks and before that I was going once a week. #sobad

So Wednesday night I decided I HAD to go to the gym after work on Thursday. I packed my bag and even remembered to grab it in the morning. On my drive to work, I realized I didn’t grab a ponytail holder. For owning 239204 of those things, you think I would have one either in my car or at work. Nada. Surprisingly, I did have one in my purse. So one crisis averted.

Then I go to change after work. I like to just change there rather than the gym so I don’t have to wait in line at the gym. I unpack my bag and realize I didn’t pack a sports bra. How does one NOT pack that in a gym bag? I thought, well shit, there goes going to the gym. While I am far from being well endowed, I’m not going to put myself through the torture of wearing a regular bra or no bra at all at the gym. I then get a flash of thought – I might have one in my car. So I run out there, and sure enough, I have one in my extra clothes bag. I should note – I commute 35 miles one way and play sports all summer, so I’ve been in the habit of having an extra set of clothes in my car at all times. So crisis number 2 averted.

I finally get to the gym and I go to grab my bag that has my shoes and gym paraphanilia (headphones, card key, etc). I look in my shoes and notice they are empty. This is bad for me. I actually wear orthodics, and I had the plasitc support portion, but I had no pad thing that covered the entire footbed (I call them my shoe squishies). While I don’t wear squishies with all my shoes (think some boots) but I have to have them for working out. Tennis shoes just won’t work without them. Thankfully, I keep an extra pair of tennis shoes in my car too that I don’t have to wear my orthodics with. That pair of Brooks shoes have saved the day again. Crisis 3 averted.

But seriously, how many things can go wrong for one little trip to the gym?!? No wonder I haven’t been going.

One thing this day has taught me is that I am surprisingly prepared when I forget things. I’m not sure what that says about my ability to remember things, but at least I am prepared. I’m like a Boy Scout – always be prepared, because you likely forgot something. I think that is going to be my new motto!

Are you like me and forget everything and have to have extras of everthing lying around?


2 thoughts on “Boy Scout

  1. Leslie Clingan

    So funny! I have days like this every week. I was trying to think of whose motto it was to be prepared last week, in fact! Crazy coincidence. Way to save your workout.

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