Weekly Pretties: Get Your Pretty On

I’m in the mindset that style help can come from any number of places. Maybe it is your favorite fashion and style blogs. Maybe you reach for magazines. Or maybe you are so awesome you are creating things off the top of your head. If so, can we be friends? 🙂

One place that I drew so much inspiration from last fall was Alison Lumbatis from Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge. While I consider myself pretty fashionable, I sometimes struggle with mixing and matching basic items. I’m always drawn to bright and busy prints, or “one-hit wonder” pieces. While that isn’t a bad thing, sometimes I want to be able to mix and match simpler items. That is where the challenge comes in. Alison L. provides a shopping list (with substitutions!) and then 21 days of outfits that mix and match the whole list. While all of that information is great, one of the best parts is the Facebook group. Participants come together and share OOTD photos, shopping links, and general support. I was constantly amazed by the great combinations that the women put together during the fall challenge. I’m excited for the Spring Challenge to start and you have a chance to as well! To sign up, you can click on the banner below or here.

The shopping list doesn’t come out until 4/3, but from the previews I’ve seen, I’ve pulled together some fun items that will be on the list!


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