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Do you ever feel like playing dress-up but the sheer thought of having to leave the couch is exhausting? That is how I often feel like on the weekend when I know I should figure out what I want to wear the next week, but would much rather sit on my couch and watch TV (hello Game of Thrones, Mad Men and NCAA softball!). So what’s a girl to do? Sure, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration, but you are looking at completed outfits and you have no way to build your own. Maybe your scrolling through and see a floral top and in the next image, you see a striped midi skirt and realize you love that combo and want to save it. You could try to search it and find a pin that combines both, but you never know if you will. You can write yourself a note, but you lose the visual effect. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could play virtual dress-up right from your couch and be able to save the looks for later?

There is now an app for that. Trendage lets you build outfits with items that are currently in stores. You can build an entire outfit; from the top, bottoms, necklace, shoes and purse. You can build your outfit, save it to your profile and share on social media. Once an outfit is saved, you can also view where the items are from.

Another fun feature is voting. Trendage will pull two different outfit that people have created and you can vote on the one you like the most. The best part? The app takes your votes and outfits you already created into consideration when offering you items to build your own outfits, so you see more items and styles that you like.

Trendage Vote

Vote on Looks

I do wish Trendage had a filter feature. Say I want to create an outfit with red pants, it would be great to filter the bottoms to red and then build the outfit from there. Hopefully that is a feature that gets added soon!

Overall, I really enjoy using Trendage. It is a fun way to play virtual dress up. I plan on continuing to use it and I can’t wait to see how it grows! 


I received compensation from Trendage via Brandbacker for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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