GYPO: Spring Challenge Week 4

It seems like the Spring GYPO Style Challenge just started and now it is already over! The last three weeks have just flown by. Looking back, I didn’t wear a lot of the challenge outfits. Part of that was the weather; some days it would be far too nice to be wearing pants, then the next day it would be freezing and sandals were not an option. I know I’ll continue to wear challenge inspired outfits as springs rolls on, but here are several of my looks from the past three weeks!
What challenge outfit is your favorite? I think mine is either look 1 (gingham top) or look 9 (coral and grey)!
Look 7 // Look 8 //  Look 9
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20 thoughts on “GYPO: Spring Challenge Week 4

  1. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    OH I love that gingham outfit! I had done a post about spring trends and one of them was the gingham shirt and I said I was going to get one, but havne’t found one that I like yet…where did you get yours?

  2. Nicole Miller

    That floral skirt is still one of my faves. Love it. Also your gingham shirt is fab with those pants.

  3. Shaunacey

    I think I’ve said how much I love the coral and grey like 10 times, so clearly that’s my pick lol! I love all your outfits and your funky style in general.

  4. Katie Mitchell

    Love the gray and coral!! And really like the striped dress with the mint cardi!! Still need a mint cardi!!

    1. Alison C

      Thanks Katie! A mint cardi is really great. I sometimes forget I have one and then all of a sudden I’ll remember and wear it a bunch 🙂

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