Style Me: Things to Do in La Crosse, WI

Small town Midwest is where you will find me. How small you may ask? Try a population of approximately 1,000. And I don’t even live in town. I live on a farm. My town’s claim to fame is a festival that revolves around the beer tent, tractor pulls, and that sort of thing. Oh and owls. Since you know about the dislike of birds, you know why I don’t want to talk about that. So since birds and beer are on the no-go list for me, I figured I would talk about my second home; La Crosse, WI.


I grew up going to La Crosse for pretty much all our shopping needs; from clothes to groceries; it was all there. I ended up graduating from a college in La Crosse. While I never lived there (I commuted the 2.5 years I went to school there), I spent most of my days in La Crosse either going to school or working. My first “real” job (aka not part time or temp) was in downtown La Crosse and that is when I really fell for it. The downtown area is full of fun stores and places to go. In today’s post, I’ll talk about a few of my favorite stores, restaurants, and things to do.


Lillian’s: This is actually a small chain of boutiques, but as someone that is starved for boutique style shopping that isn’t online, I always try to get to Lillians. They are only open Thursday through Saturday so timing is everything for it.

Finnottes: I love chocolate. And caramel. And anything tasty. Finnottes has super delicious candy; and nuts too. I literally will buy a block of caramel and eat it. It is that good.

People’s Food Coop: People’s is a grocery store that focuses on natural foods. I always enjoy going there for the things that you can’t always find at the big grocery stores. They also offer a ton of locally sourced items. One of my favorite parts is their bakery and deli. So much delicious baked goods and things like sandwiches that are great to grab and go.

Pearl Street Books: I love books. Pearl Street has a good mix of new and used books and you can definitely find some steals. I always like just walking around in there looking at everything.


The Waterfront: The “fancy” restaurant in town. My husband and I enjoy going here for special occasions or when friends are in town. They have a great outdoor dining area that is right along the Mississippi so not only do you get good food, the views are pretty darn good too.

Fayze’s: This causal restaurant is a must for breakfast. Lunch and dinner is pretty good too. What I really love is the bakery. Delicious breads and desserts. I loved to walk over there at lunch and get a brownie or some other dessert. Most days I could leave half of it for the next day even, the serving sizes were so big.

The Pearl: If you are in the mood for ice cream, look no further than The Pearl. The homemade ice cream is so good on a hot day.


Things to Do

Walk Riverside Park: Right along the Mississippi, Riverside Park offers trails and open areas to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll need to do a walk with how much food I talk about 🙂

Catch a baseball game: La Crosse is home to The Loggers, a college summer league. Copeland Park is great to watch a game at. What says summer more than baseball?

Head to the beach: While it might not be the ocean, La Crosse does offer beaches. Choose from the Black River or Pettibone.

Take a Hike: La Crosse has all sorts of trails to choose from. You could head up to Grandad Bluff and overlook the city or walk through the marshes. See the map of trails here.


If you are ever in La Crosse, be sure to let me know! It might not be the big city, but it does offer a lot to do! Now be sure to visit the rest of the Style Me Bloggers as they discuss their cities!


13 thoughts on “Style Me: Things to Do in La Crosse, WI

  1. Leslie Clingan

    I am with you about birds, girl! Really don’t “get” them at all. Except for the two baby birds that were raised in a nest in our yard this spring. And maybe an occasional owl. That statue of the children and their pup is just precious. Looks like LaCrosse is the perfectly sized little city.

    1. Alison C

      Birds are ok as long as they are far away from me and not flying at me 🙂 I had actually forgotten I took that picture until I started to write this post. I’m glad I found it again!

  2. Katie Mitchell

    Totally love that you live on a farm!! It’s great that you included shops and restaurants in your post. Two things I love doing when I visit places…shopping and eating!!

  3. Michelle Sherrard

    My husbands family is from Minnesota and Wisconsin. I LOVE boutique shopping and work in a candy shop. I totally get what you mean about eating a block of caramel. I do prefer chocolate with it 🙂

    1. Alison C

      Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one then. I wouldn’t might chocolate with it either. That would be seriously dangerous to work in a candy shop. Not sure I could have the restraint!

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