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summer reads

I like big books and I cannot lie. I’m a serious reader (my Goodreads says I’ve read 30 books so far this year). So to say I was excited about this linkup with my blogging friends would be an understatement. But then I started thinking; I love writing my reviews of books (see them here) but I rarely plan ahead what I’m going to read. It sort of depends what I have coming in from the library or just my mood when I’m ready to pick up my next book. I only read one book at a time – I don’t like mixing my story lines.  So then I started getting freaked out. What books should I pick out? How do I narrow down my ridiculously long to-read list? AKA 123 on Goodreads, and 150 on Barnes & Noble. There is some crossover, but I don’t think there is THAT much. So here are a few that I can’t wait to read and hope I’ll get to soon!

Puppies & Pretties Summer Potential Read List

  1. The Fold by Peter Clines: A sci-fi thriller about a guy pulled into an investigation on a machine that creates folds in time/space for teleportation that isn’t everything the scientists are saying it is.
  2. Books 2 & 3 of the Engineer Trilogy by K.J. Parker: I am so close to being done with book one of this series. I’m loving it so far. So unless the ending is a travesty, I’ll be getting the next two soon. This one totally brings the geek out in me, so I’m loving it! And I’m still trying to figure out the end game of one of the characters, which is pretty impressive after  500+ pages.
  3. The Prince of Valor by Django Wexler: Oh man, I just realized this is coming out on July 7th. I loved the first two books in The Shadow Campaigns series, so this is a must as soon as I can get my hands on it.
  4. The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani: I better throw in one young adult book in that will be an easy read after all the heavy ones above. I enjoyed (with a few reservations) the first two books of the trilogy, so I want to finish it out.

There you have it! What do you plan to read this summer? Be sure to visit all my blogger friends below and have a wonderful weekend all!



18 thoughts on “Summer Reading List

  1. Nicole Miller

    Ooo. the prince of valor has my attention – I’m going to google the series:)

  2. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Wow girl, you read a lot! That’s awesome, do you read hard copies of the books or do you have a Kindle, I can only image the stacks and stacks of books you much acquire if you don’t use a Kindle. Will have to check out some of your choices!

    1. Alison C

      It’s always fun to try something different. I’m about halfway through The Fold and it is super good, I have to force myself to put it away! So that might be a good one to try.

  3. Leslie Clingan

    Might I persuade you to do a teensy review for the Last Ever After trilogy for my blog…if you think the books are recommendation-worthy. I cannot believe the heavy kinds of books you read. Whew. My little mind is blown away reading the titles. I am a Cat in the Hat kinda gal. Good job!!!

    1. Alison C

      I probably could do that Leslie! I do read some heavy stuff, but I think I needed that after all the YA I’ve been reading the last couple months.

  4. Deena Simair

    I like snooping on your Goodreads because, one- you’re an avid reader and two- we have different tastes…it’s always fun to try something new, recommended by yoU@!

  5. Katie Mitchell

    I am always in awe of how much you read…something to aspire too! 🙂 The engineer series looks really great and the Prince of Valor too!!

  6. Noor Unnahar

    30 books?That’s a great progress. I’m done with my goodreads challenge that was to read 10 books this year. Guess I will have plenty of time to read more. I am currently reading Diary of Anne Frank and yet to read is Adultery by Paulo Coelho .

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