Weekly Pretties: June Budget Recap

I survived my first (half) month of trying to stick to a clothing budget! You can read my initial post here. A quick recap: my goal is to stay $100, with that money rolling over every month. I didn’t officially start my budgeting until June 15, so this post only covers purchases after that date. Here is what I bought:
june budget

  1. Gap T-shirt dress: $10
    • I featured this dress here, and then it went on super sale ($20) and I had $10 in rewards so I decided to pull the trigger. I love t-shirt dresses as they are so easy to throw on and go and they work well in the winter too with leggings and boots.
  2. Red Dress Boutique Floral Dress: $39
    • I couldn’t pass this one up. I love the print, and the fit is great. I almost got the blue print, but went with hot coral because I don’t have as much in this color in my closet. I can’t wait to pair it with my lilac blazer (seen here).
  3. Gap Factory Skinny Jeans (similar pictured): $5
    • I have been on the lookout for a pair of distressed skinny jeans. When I found a pair at Gap Factory on super sale that fit well, perfect!
  4. Vineyard Vines Button Up (similar): $23
    • I bought this top on eBay on a steal. I love stalking eBay for designer items on the cheap. Just make sure you know your size!

Total: $77

I’m still in the process of nailing down everything that will be included within my $100 budget, and I did decide that shoes and accessories (scarves, purses, jewelry, etc) won’t be included, but I will still feature them in these monthly recap posts to keep myself accountable. The main reason I’m not including these items is that the shoes and purses I often purchase are higher quality, so they would eat up my entire budget with one item.

june budget 1

  1. Grace & Lace scarf: $10
    • Grace & Lace is such a great company. If you haven’t checked them out, you should! They ran a deal on this scarf not too long ago. It ended up being $10, with free shipping and I got this scarf free as well.
  2. Liberty Black boots via Red Dress Boutique (similar): $50
    • This just might be my deal of the year. These boots are normally $250+, but RDB had them on super sale. I had almost bought them a few times, but held out and I’m glad I did. If you haven’t tried Liberty Black boots, you don’t know what you are missing!

Total: $60

And then there was this Loft order. If you saw this post, you know I recently accepted a new job in a more corporate environment. I quickly realized I didn’t have much in the way of dress pants now, so I decided to try Loft. I have never purchased from Loft before, but I ended up keeping 2 pairs of pants and this shirt. I ended up returning 2 other pairs of pants that didn’t fit well. I’m not including this in my budget either, as I would of never bought this if it wasn’t for my new job. I’m thinking of this as a work-related expense 🙂 In the future, I’ll be including additional things I purchase for work in my budget, but decided to exclude this big purchase to get me started.
june budget 2

  1. Loft tropic shirt: $23
    • Honestly, I added this to my order to get free shipping. But I love the print and slouchy fit so I decided to keep it. Plus it will be great to wear under blazers and cardigans.
  2. Loft Chambray pants: $30
    • These are a bit different. But I actually love them. The fit is great and I like the light chambray.
  3. Loft Zebra pants: $32
    • Be still my heart. I love these things. Ridiculously comfy, but can easily be dressed up to wear to work. Pajamas that I can wear to work? Yes please!

Total: $85

Overall Total: $222

Yikes. Not the best, but at least I can see it all. Here is to hoping I can cut out some of those extra purchases next month.

How was your June spending?


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: June Budget Recap

  1. Bourbon & Lipstick

    I need to learn some sale tips from you! I did purchase a couple of dresses for $8 at Old Navy so I was proud of that! Otherwise my budget completely exploded. And when you start a new job you need new clothes!

    1. Alison C

      That is one thing I’ve got going for me – I rarely pay full price. I sign up for pretty much all the emails and then I use Unrollup so I get all the emails at once. I might have to make another order at Loft soon for more pants, I tried to find some when shopping yesterday and didn’t find any that I liked.

  2. Deena Simair

    I love doing budget breakdowns, it makes me feel more accountable..but also, when you do it, it makes me want to shop more. THOSE ZEBRA PANTS ERMAGERD!

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