Panama Hat

I have finally found a Panama hat. This hunt has been going on for quite some time. Mainly because I’m cheap and not about to spend $60 on a hat that I won’t wear that often.


Leave it to Forever 21 to come to the rescue. I was wandering around when I saw this beauty in a mannequin. Of course, said mannequin was way up high and I had no way to reach it. So I continue my wander in hopes to find one at eye level, but there was none. The sales people were nowhere in sight, so I decided to go look in a few other stores to see what I could find. I completely stuck out everywhere else and went back to F21. There I sat and stared at my hat in hopes someone would come help (seriously though, doesn’t that always happen when you are just window shopping every single person working in the store asks if you need help and the one time you do, they all disappear??). No one came. I finally had to be a weirdo and stand by a manager getting someone ready for a shift until they noticed me. Finally. I got my hat and went on my merry way to the cash register.¬†Even better? This fancy hat was only $7! Totally worth the annoyances it took to procure.

Have you jumped on the Panama hat train?



Dee likes to be helpful and try and steal the stick I was using as a marker on where to stand!

Top: Gap similar
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Earth Origins
Hat: Forever 21 (shop more below)

Panama Hats Under $50


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