Three Things

1. Ever do something that afterwards, you think “what was I doing?” I had one of those last week. Ever since I updated my computer to Yosemite, I lost my normal photo editing of iPhoto then using Photoshop to save it to web size. I really dislike Photos and I had CS5 Photoshop, so that stopped working as well. So since then, I’ve been doing trials of Pixelmator and Photoshop Elements. I tried Pixelmator first, and it was ok. It could probably get the job done but I wasn’t a huge fan. Then I decided to try Elements. I ended up liking it quite a bit. I like that there are different levels of editing; if I’m feeling rushed, I can just use the basic portion and be done in a few seconds. If a photo needs a bit more TLC or I need to create a collage, there is the expert portion. So I decided I was going to get Elements. I put it off for awhile since I had a free trial. Then of course, my free trial ended and I completely forgot. So I now have no editing software. I’m kicking myself because I had a coupon from Amazon to get it like 50% off not too long ago. And then it was 45% off as well. Did I order it either time? Nope. So now I’m sale watching hoping that it goes down a bit. Thank goodness for Prime shipping so I’ll get it within two days!

So, since I forgot about actually buying Elements, I’m going to take a mini break this week. I’ll still plan on posting a few times, it just won’t be outfit posts.

2. Today is the day! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts today at 8 am EST. it runs through Tuesday at midnight. This time will be a it different, so be ready. I’m crossing my fingers for an Elsa. Let me know if you scoop anything up.


3. And finally, for a little fun, I’ll leave you with these little cuties 🙂

You can't see me! Oh wait. #meow #catlife

A photo posted by Alison C (Puppies & Pretties) (@allieculhane) on

Can you please move along? We are napping here. #meow

A photo posted by Alison C (Puppies & Pretties) (@allieculhane) on

Do you have any food for us? Are you sure?

This is Max and Dora. They are quite privileged, as we are terrible about naming cats around here. Their names usually end up being gray cat and white cat 🙂 We even had New Cat for awhile when a stray showed up and stayed for awhile.



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    1. Alison C

      Right? At least this time it is totally and completely my fault and I’m not staring at my computer trying to figure it out. But good new, I actually ordered Elements now 🙂

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