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The house we live in is an old farmhouse. So old, that making any major updates just doesn’t make sense. Of course, if you know anything about old farmhouses, the closet space is nonexistent. My main closet used to be a space between the master bedroom and the bathroom. At some point, it got blocked off. It could be considered a walk in, if you figure one step in and then spinning in a tight circle a walk in 🙂 Needless to say, I daydream all the time about what my dream closet will be if we ever build a house (let us hope!).

What would my dream closet look like? Well, it wouldn’t just be a closet, it would be a room. Sound crazy? While I have a lot of clothes and accessories, I probably couldn’t fill a whole room. What I would also have in there is an office. I got this idea from J’s Everyday Fashion and fell in love. What better place to get inspiration while working on my blog than in my own closet?


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Lets talk about color scheme. While I always love the all white inspiration photos you see on Pinterest, it just doesn’t seem like me. So I would leave the walls white but then add accents of blues, golds, and coral/red. I’m thinking the drawers and some of the shelves in colors. Oh and unicorns. #noshame. Who wouldn’t want a big unicorn head on the wall or a pretty gold lamp?

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And finally, the whole purpose of the closet; storage. The biggest thing for me is to have things easily accessible and viewable. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been digging in my closet before and find a shirt I had completely forgotten I had! To rectify that, I’d have everything that could be hung up like in the top right picture. Jewelry would be in little drawers. When I was searching for some ideas, there are so many that show necklaces hung up on things. While it is certainly aestetically pleasing, a lot of my necklaces shouldn’t be hung like that. Then I love the idea of bookshelves for shoes. That way all my pairs could be showcased without boots getting bent or sandals being squished. Along the same lines, I would also want shelves for purses so they don’t get smushed. I’m in desperate need of doing something like this now, so here’s to hoping I can find some little shelves like that bottom picture soon!

Tell me, what would your dream closet include? If you are looking for some serious swoon-worthy home inspiration, go check out The Compass. There are houses and apartments of all sorts that you can draw inspiration from. Of course, my bookworm ways zoomed in on this library right away. I could stay there all day!

This post was wrote in conjunction with The Compass. All opinions are my own.


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      Wouldn’t it be great to just build your own perfect one? I could care less (well, not quite) about the rest of the house as long as my closet was awesome!

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