Dark Florals

While florals are commonly thought of for warm weather, I actually like wearing them once it cools down. Darker florals are usually what I am drawn to. Being pale, I’ve found that it is best to stick to darker, saturated colors so I don’t get washed out. This dress fits the bill on all fronts, it is dark, but still bright and colorful.

Do you wear dark florals?

I see a little photobomber



JCPenney dark floral dress (shop more dresses from JCPenney in the widget below)
Gap lilac blazer (similar)
Clarks sandals (similar)
Kendra Scott Necklace

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6 thoughts on “Dark Florals

    1. Alison C

      I rarely shop there, but I had to pick this one up that day! I think I was just walking through the store to get to the next and definitely did the walk by, pause, and turn around to grab this dress.

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