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When I find a product that works; from shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion; I stick with it. I blame it on my crazy sensitive skin that feels the need to break out and get itchy at a drop of a hat. Whenever I decide to get adventurous and change one of those items, I make sure to pick items that are all natural and limits added fragrance. When I got the chance to try Maple Holistics, I knew it would fit my requirements. Maple Holistics has several different formulas. I decided to try the Winter Blend since the cold and dry season is upon us. Continue reading to see my full review!



  • Smells darn good: This formula smells of minty goodness. There are 5 different mint essential oils in it; peppermint, eucalyptus, wild mint, spearmint, and bergamot mint.
  • Tingly sensation: With all the minty goodness in it, you get a nice tingle when using it.
  • Smoothness: This shampoo and conditioner made my hair nice and smooth. And static? See ya. If you have ever experienced cold weather static, you know how difficult it can be to contain.


  • Process: Now, this is a bit nitpicky, but it was still weird for me. For all of the “therapeutic benefits” to set in, you need to keep the shampoo in your hair for 2-3 minutes. Since my hair is pretty long, there is only so much I can do besides stand around and wait for those 2 minutes to be up.
  • Washing more: So, I only wash my hair every 3 days or so. However, by the third day with this shampoo I was pretty greasy and the only real option was a slicked back ponytail. While I continued to only wash my hair every 3 days (mainly due to laziness), if I continued to use this shampoo exclusively, I’d need to wash my hair more often.
  • Almost too smooth: While I love the fact that this shampoo limited crazy fly-aways and static, my hair also ended up kind of flat. Now, for some, this might be perfect but for me, I like a bit more roughness in my hair. It gives it some more volume.

Overall, I do like this shampoo and conditioner. I plan on keeping it in a rotation with my other shampoo so I can continue to getting the benefits of getting rid of static, especially until springtime.

Do you switch out your shampoo and conditioner as the weather changes? I had never really thought about it until I used Winter Blend, but it certainly makes sense!


This post is sponsored by Maple Holistics and All opinions are my own.


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    1. Alison C

      They are some great products. It probably would be perfect for anyone that wants to have the straight, flatter hair. Oh! If you want to try it, Amazon also carries it. Hooray for Prime shipping 🙂

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