Weekly Pretties: Plaid Accessories

Backpack // Coffee Cups // Coasters // Deer head
Tote // Blanket Scarf

Keeping with my plaid theme this week, I’ve pulled together some cut accessories. Because if you can’t wear it, you might as well have it around the home, am I right? I’m loving the coffee cups and the backpack is super cute and it is only $11! Which one do you like?

What do you have planned for the weekend? I’m finally getting my hair cut (its been 6 months!) and hoping to cross of the last of my Christmas shopping.
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12 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: Plaid Accessories

  1. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Love plaid! My husband just jumped on the plaid bandwagon…he said to me…that shirt you’re wearing, is that bad, gee thanks! haha. I’m getting a hair cut next weekend, so excited, it’s been since May for me. Doing anything drastic?

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