Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas. It is almost here. I don’t know about you, but I still have a few hard to buy for people left on my list. When it comes to those people, I resort to one of two things. The first option is gift cards. While they sometimes get a bad rap, I love to give (and get) gift cards. I think if you put at least a little effort and get one to the person’s favorite store, that is a win for everyone. You know they will use it for something they like and you don’t have to agonize over what to get them. My second choice is food. I love food. Who doesn’t? Food is another one of those gifts that you know will get used. It is just practical. I know there has been many a year that my dad has gotten a bag of mixed nuts as part of his present. Because I know he will actually enjoy them. And isn’t that what gifting should be about?

If you are on the market for a last minute food gift, you should check out Chomps snack sticks. Their claim is that it is the healthy version of a Slim Jim. These all-natural beef sticks are the perfect gift for the snacker in your life. The sticks come in 3 favors; original, jalapeño, and crankin’ cran. I’m a big fan of the original. Tasty, a little bit of a snap, and easy to take with you when you are on the go. My husband tried the crankin’ cran and said they were hot. Which impresses me as he is one to love hot foods. I’m a total baby when it comes to spiciness, so I’ll be sticking with the original.



How about you? What are your go to last minute Christmas gifts?

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I received free samples from Brandbacker in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


12 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Ideas

    1. Alison C

      Right?! My husband’s birthday is the next week too. So I’m lucky enough to have to do buy for two things. I usually make him give me a list, because otherwise it is practically impossible. Good luck on the search!

  1. Lauren

    My boyfriend and roommate just chowed down on some of those and loved em!

    Lauren 🙂

    1. Alison C

      Ha, yep. I pretty much run the other way from spicy stuff. I definitely got at least one gift card and multiple food items for the last few people on my list.

  2. Deena Simair

    I agree…gift cards and food but make sure the card is for somewhere said person loves to shop. Nothing better than free shopping! My husband’s entire gift was consumables….your post made me think I should add chips and dip to it too….

    Shoes to Shiraz

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