Weekly Pretties: Workout Gear

Fitbit Flex // Jawbone up3 // headbands // Running shorts
Capris // Tank // Gap leggings

Isn’t it crazy that New Year’s eve is tomorrow? Where did 2015 go? With the new year comes resolutions. I almost always come up with some, but have trouble keeping them. For 2016, I’m going simple. My main goal? Be active. I’m in 2 volleyball leagues that start the beginning of January, so that will help. Then I’ll be heading to the gym or at least the treadmill one day a week. Of course, having the right gear will help my get motivated. I’ve had a Fitbit Flex for just over two years now and it does help me to an extent. I love my flex, but have been considering upgrading to a Jawbone Up3, but I’m still undecided. When it comes to clothes, I love Old Navy’s running shorts. I seriously live in them all summer long. Unfortunately, I live in MN and it is winter. So that means having to bring sweatpants to throw on over shorts and that can be a pain. I have a few pairs of Gap’s workout leggings that I like, but there is something about wearing pants that bugs me when I’m working out. Is that just me? Maybe I need to try some capris, that way I can still have full leg coverage with boots 🙂 I’ve heard some good things about Target’s line of workout gear, and this pair is cute.

So tell me, what are your goals for 2016? Do you have any workout items that are your go to? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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    1. Alison C

      My husband has an HR and the thing that turns me off from all the new FitBits are they are just so big! That is the thing that makes me want to switch from FibtBit to Jawbone when I get a new band.

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