Weekly Pretties: Old Navy Pants

White wide leg // Black jumpsuit // Gingham // Blue wide leg // Black skinnies

When did Old Navy pants get awesome? I was in the store this weekend and came home with a black pair of jeans. They are amazing. I wore them to work on Monday and couldn’t get over how comfortable they were. And I usually look at jeans with a bit of a side eye. I would much rather wear a dress or leggings. So that is saying something! Best part? The jeans didn’t seem to stretch out like sometimes happens with stretchy skinny jeans. Nobody likes a saggy bum or knees! Plus I tried on these wide leg linen blend pair and I know those will be coming home as soon as they go on sale or there is a 40% off. I literally have 2 pairs sitting in my online shopping cart. Always have to be prepared for a deal 🙂

Have you tried Old Navy pant lately? What style/cut do you like?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: Old Navy Pants

    1. Alison C

      You are brave Katie! I think I’m scarred for life on jumpsuits/rompers from the few times I tried and totally failed to even try one on that came close to fitting me.

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