Travel Solo in Las Vegas

I don’t know about you, but I love following travel bloggers that go solo. It is fun living through them vicariously as they tackle the world on their own (see World of Wanderlust for my fav). When my Blended Blog friends decided to visit Las Vegas for a blogger conference, I knew I wanted to go. But the conference didn’t quite fit my needs. So I decided to travel solo in Las Vegas while they went conferencing.


Nine tips to travel solo in Las Vegas

  1. Make a plan: Know what are your “must sees” while you travel. For me, I wanted to go on the High Roller ferris wheel and go to the Stratosphere observation deck. Everything else was a bonus.
  2. Don’t get too structured: This might seem counterintuitive to number one, but they go together. Having a general plan is great, but don’t schedule out your entire day. Being able to do what you want is one of the best parts of traveling solo!
  3. Find time to decompress: While it might be tempting to go-go-go, you need to chill for a bit, especially when you fly solo. This could be time to just sit in your hotel room, by the pool, or even a patio at a restaurant. Give yourself time to enjoy just being.
  4. Wear comfy shoes: Seriously, this is a MUST. You will walk a ridiculous amount, so be prepared for tired and sore tootsies. For reference, from Thursday to Sunday I walked 31.3 miles!
  5. Know your transportation options: The great thing about Vegas is that there are many ways to get around. Of course you can use your feet (see #4), take an Uber or Lyft, taxis, buses, or even the Monorail. I used Lyft and the Monorail and it was easy-peasy. One person I talked to also said a bus pass was the way to go since it would take you almost right to your destination.
  6. Enjoy the views: All the bright lights, crazy waterfalls, fountains and fancy buildings make for a ton to look at. Don’t forget the people watching as well. There are certainly some doozies!
  7. Don’t make eye contact: This might sound weird, but there are so many people (and weirdos) that try to hand you cards with naked women or passes to get into clubs. Just don’t look at these people and keep on walking.
  8. Take advantage of a table for 1: You know how when you travel with a group of people it can be practically impossible to get into restaurants without a wait? Well, when there is only one, you just might be able to waltz right in. I went to Denny’s at 9 am on Saturday morning and walked right in and sat at the counter. There was at least a half hour wait for everyone else.
  9. Fly solo in a group: Does the thought of going to Las Vegas solo freak you out a bit? If it does, try finding a group of friends to go with but plan a day for yourself. Part ways in the morning but come together again as a group for dinner. That way you can get the best of both worlds!

Have you been to Las Vegas before? Or do you travel solo? Let me know in the comments!

My TBB friends are also posting about the trip to Vegas, go see what they have to say!

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38 thoughts on “Travel Solo in Las Vegas

  1. Shaunacey

    I am still amazed by your independence and adventurous spirit!! You are AMAZING!!! Thank goodness I had you with me for our 6 hour airport stint lol
    LOVE your tips and miss hanging out!!

  2. Christy

    I ended up in Paris by myself for the weekend years ago on the way back from a business trip and while at first I was intimidated, I loved travelling on my own. I got to do exactly what I wanted to do and crammed way more into a day then I otherwise would. Glad your solo adventures were a success.

  3. Joules (Pocketful of Joules)

    I love being able to travel solo when I go to conferences for work. It’s a great ‘excuse’ for me to have some alone time away from my husband and kiddo. Also, I love to explore on my own. =)

  4. Lana L.

    It was so cool that you explored Vegas on your own. And your pictures are amazing! So glad that I got to meet you – so much fun!

  5. Bourbon & Lipstick

    I think it’s cool that you did your own thing! And I don’t know why, but I laughed so hard at number 7. That seems like advice that could be used in so many situations.

  6. Carrie

    Great advice, Alison! I know this all worked perfectly for you and Vegas was a blast. So glad we finally met in person. You are a precious one!

  7. Nicole Miller

    I love that you travelled solo, I would have ditched the conference too. So many fun things to see in Vegas.

  8. Susan {ofeverymoment}

    Excellent tips, especially the one about wearing comfortable shoes! I always walk a lot when I travel too, and deciding which shoes to put in my suitcase is my biggest packing dilemma! I admire your ability to travel solo. I have done it, but I much prefer to have a traveling companion. How fun that you could spend time with The Blended Bloggers, even without attending the conference.

  9. Erica

    Props to you for traveling solo, girlfriend! I don’t know how I’d feel about that at first, but only because I’ve never been there before…I feel like I’d get SO LOST and intimidated! haha!

    Coming Up Roses

  10. Katie Mitchell

    I love that you did this!!!! I was thinking if I went, I wouldn’t be at the conference either…I would be at the pool solo!! LOL

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