Sentence a Day April Edition

Hello friends! Some of The Blended Blog ladies are starting something new this month. Throughout the month of April, we wrote a sentence for each day. Now we are putting it all together for a monthly review.


We are excited to announce that next month, on June 2, we will be doing a linkup for Sentence a Day! So start keeping track of your days with just one sentence and join us next month!

  1. Coding as many table as I did today should be against the law.
  2. Cooking is an accurate description when getting highlights. So. Hot.
  3. A belated Easter lunch means eating too much and drinking wine with the family.
  4. A massive nose bleed is the perfect way to start the week off.
  5. You know you have a typical pattern when your chiropractor says he was worried when I was late for my appointment.
  6. Is it ever going to be nice out again?
  7. One week until Vegas!
  8. Having to give my first training session makes me dread all the others that will have to happen before launch.
  9. Softball on tv all day makes for a good day until hockey comes on and husband steals tv.
  10. A lunch of chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and wine. #AdultingGameStrong
  11. I don’t like Mondays.
  12. Lunch meetings are no fun. Except for the free lunch thing.
  13. Must.Finish.Packing
  14. This might be the most uncomfortable plane I have ever been on.
  15. Yay Vegas!
  16. My feet are dying a slow and painful death.
  17. Outlet shopping = try to not buy all the pretty things.
  18. Why did I book a red eye?
  19. I think I’m still on Vegas time.
  20. I really need to go grocery shopping. How do I not have pizza left?
  21. I like work days without any meetings.
  22. Four games of volleyball and 18 holes of golf. And alcohol.
  23. What are these muscles that hurt so much?!?
  24. Monday. Boo.
  25. This might be the longest week ever and it’s only Tuesday.
  26. I’ve been living out of clothes baskets since I got back from Vegas and it’s getting ridiculous.
  27. Wine is necessary.
  28. TGI…damn it
  29. How is it almost May already?
  30. I have never been so happy to sit on my couch all day.

There you have it, my April in review. Be sure to visit everyone else!

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  1. Lori Lyons Luhrman

    What a fun idea! I love the random Vegas sentences…makes me want to go back. I hope you have a fun May…thanks for sharing!

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