Style Perspectives: Blazer and Sneakers

A blazer, jeans, and sneakers is something that always looks cute while scrolling through Pinterest. However, it is way out of my comfort zone. Separately, I can deal. But put all together made me just feel weird. But I persevered and actually wore this all day to work. I would much rather wear my wedge boots with this type of outfit or even swapping the sneakers for a pair of Sperry’s would make me feel better.


Do you like to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to putting together outfits? Throughout the Style Perspectives series, I’ve found I like to mix things up, but only in certain silos. I often “dress down” fancy items rather than going the other way like today’s prompt. And well, lets be honest; anything involving jeans can be a struggle for me. But I do have some good news on the jeans front. While in Las Vegas, I got two pairs of 7 for All Mankind jeans and they are pretty darn good. This is the first time I’ve worn a pair. They are a bit long for me so I need to get them hemmed (PS: I’m pretty sure I have never gotten anything hemmed in my life!) but the rolling the skinny jeans seems to work ok for now.


Blazer via Old Navy
Tank top via Old Navy
7 for All Mankind Jeans
Lia Sophia necklace (similar tortoise color)
Kate Spade purse (similar)
New Balance sneakers

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leggingsscarf group

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32 thoughts on “Style Perspectives: Blazer and Sneakers

  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    I personally think you look precious as can be even if not your normal outfit ensemble…it rocks!! That top is the prettiest pattern!!

  2. Nicole Miller

    I’m jealous of your wardrobe. And how many purses do you own? That necklace is perfect for that outfit.

  3. Christy

    Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing the outfit out of the house! I personally think you pull it off well.

  4. Shaunacey

    good for you for venturing out, you made me do that with the plaid in spring!!
    I really like this look on you
    Also, I recognize that bag!!!!!!! 🙂 SCORE!

  5. Dana Brillante-Peller

    I’m loving your blazer! I am like you too where I pick out an outfit and then never wear it out in public…LOL

  6. Leslie Clingan

    I think your days of struggling to find jeans are over. These are smashing on you. And forget hemming this pair, they look perfect cuffed just the way you have them. Very flattering fit. You look super slim and trim. Oh, yeah, and the rest of your outfit is terrific, too. I like the texture or marled looked of your blazer. It looks soft rather than stiff and business like. A+ or, if you prefer, grand slam!

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