Sentence a Day: May Edition

Welcome to the inaugural Sentence a Day linkup! What we do is write just one sentence a day to describe your day. That’s it! Trust me, it is fun to try to write one a day and then look back on your month. Be sure to join us on July 7 for the June review!

May Review

  1. How is it already May?!?
  2. Monday. Ugh.
  3. I love finishing books, especially when they are good like Silver on the Road.
  4. My toes are So.Cold. Who decides to start sand volleyball so darn early?
  5. Did this day happen? I remember nothing.
  6. Holy hot, I should of closed up the windows this morning.
  7. Saturday equals softball.
  8. Ahh, I could get used to this 75 and sunny kind of weather.
  9. A Cheeseburger for lunch makes for a happy day.
  10. Free picnic lunch at work but it rained and was around 50 degrees. Perfect picnic weather.
  11. It rained during volleyball but it was 10 degrees warmer than last week. #winning
  12. Hooray for a half day of vacation!
  13. TGI Fridays, your mozzarella sticks are delicious.
  14. Woohoo, Minnesota beat Michigan in the Big 10 softball championship.
  15. I’ve decided The Passage is like 3 books in 1. So. Long.
  16. I ordered a different sub any Jimmy Johns and I didn’t hate it.
  17. Woke up and took blog photos before work AND made a smoothie. Now let’s see if I can keep it up.
  18. So proud of myself for remembering everything for volleyball. Then I almost walked out the door without contacts in.
  19. Yeah, that whole morning thing isn’t working out.
  20. Lunch on the patio=glorious.
  21. Guess what? It is Saturday and I’m watching softball.
  22. Softball practice. Season is about to start!
  23. At work early. Who am I?!?
  24. Early-ish again. Woot!
  25. 9pm volleyball games are no fun
  26. I love running around the house closing windows at 5 am after going to bed at midnight.
  27. Cheers to the long weekend.
  28. Yep, another day of softball on TV 🙂
  29. Love hanging out with friends on this beautiful day.
  30. Ice cream cake for my Mom’s birthday. Two of my favorite things; ice cream combined with cake.

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12 thoughts on “Sentence a Day: May Edition

  1. Leslie Clingan

    Look at you, all organized and early. Hope it rubs off on me. So glad to be link-up with you gals for this. May was a tough month at our house. My sentences are a bit on the dark side. Hope June is a lighter month!

  2. Katie Mitchell

    These are so much fun!! YAY for softball and volleyball! I feel like this helps me to get to know you better!!

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