What’s In My…Handbag

Welcome to the newest series from the bloggers at The Blended Blog! What’s In My… starts today with handbag.

I like to think that I am always prepared when I have my purse with me. And when I say purse, I mean it. No clutches here. I’ve come to the conclusion that the things that I need just don’t fit into one. So here is what I always have with me.

  1. Hand lotion: I swear I have the driest hands and always need to have a bottle with me.
  2. Kleenex: Don’t you hate it when you are in the car and you sneeze and feel like your nose might fall off if you don’t find a kleenex ASAP? Yep, that is why these are necessary.
  3. Card holder: I keep my blog business cards with me at all times. You never know when you might need some!
  4. Wallet: Obviously, I need somewhere to put cash, cards, plus all those random things like a milk punch card (buy 20 half-gallons get a dollar off!).
  5. Checkbook: For that one time a month that I have to write a check. lol
  6. Coupon pouch: this little silver pouch is perfect to hold all the random coupons that I find.
  7. Phone charger cord: I carry this in my bag so if I need it at work or in the car.
  8. Jawbone Up charger: I don’t really know why this stays in my purse. I only need to charge my Jawbone like once a week, but I just never take it out.
  9. Apple pouch: This little guy holds necessities like a fingernail clipper and file, an extra set of contacts, ponytail holder and headband, and whatever small personal items I have thrown in there.
  10. Tic Tacs: I don’t chew gum, so Tic Tacs it is!
  11. Fancy pen: Seems like a good idea to have a pen that comes in it’s own pouch.
  12. Ibuprofen: Never be without it.
  13. Tinted chapstick: Like my hands, my lips always seem dry. So a chapstick that also adds a bit of color is a win in my book. Right now I’m using Clinque chubby sticks because I get them for free in GWP but I also use Burt’s Bees tinted ones too.
  14. Can cooler: I drink a lot of pop, but hate to hold the can. So a can cooler is a necessity.
  15. Not pictured – cell phone: well, duh.

There you have it! That is what’s in my…handbag. Now head on over to Nick & Nicole Plus 4 to see what is in her handbag!


The series continues next month, so be sure to be ready with what is in your Junk Drawer/Storage Room.
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20 thoughts on “What’s In My…Handbag

  1. Nicole Miller

    With you on the advil. I’m surprised I didn’t have any in my bag to be honest. Love the colour of your purse.

  2. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Love this! I used to have some hand lotion in my bag, but I took that pouch out a while ago because I just kept putting more and more stuff in it, so I just got rid of it, and then out went the chapstick and lotion…poor planning on my part, haha.

    1. Alison @ Puppies & Pretties

      ha, I totally remember! I begged for a phone in high school. My first cell phone was actually one of those brick nokias that you pretty much had to clip to your belt. You would have to carry a big bag if you wanted to carry it any other way!

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