Weekly Pretties: Quirky Bags

Totes // Bees // Sunglasses // Pom Poms

TGIF friends! Summer is all about fun and what is more fun than a quirky bag? I mean, how cute are those bees? And what is more fun than pom moms? Of course, if committing to a quirky bag is a little too much for you, try getting a bag charm to up the ante of your handbag!


14 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: Quirky Bags

  1. Leslie Clingan

    Oh, the poms-poms. SO FUN! I love that siesta bag…would be so El Paso! Bought my girls purses once that were made like leotards and tutus with a tulle skirt. The leotard straps were the handles. I loved them!!!! Great collection of eclectic bags.

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