Weekly Pretties: Watches

Weekly Pretties: Watches from Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and RumbaTime
Kate Spade // Michael Kors // RumbaTime

Happy Friday everyone! With the move to fitness trackers and smart watches many are foregoing regular ole’ watches. But there is something about a pretty watch that can complete an outfit. I’m on the lookout for a new gold watch and I’m loving the Kate Spade one above. I also wouldn’t be sad to get the brown leather and silver RumbaTime one on the bottom. Did I mention all of the RumbaTime ones are only $60?!

What is your favorite watch?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: Watches

  1. Abbie Ginther

    Sooooo freaking cute. I love watches but I find they catch on the kids all day long. When I go back to work, I think my first purchase will be a nice big watch.

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