Sentence a Day: June Edition

Welcome to Sentence a Day: June edition! What we do is describe each day of the month with just one sentence. It is fun 🙂

  1. Why does sleeping have to be so hard sometimes?
  2. Head. Desk. Head. Desk. My feelings about work right now.
  3. Why does it seem that short work weeks are the longest?
  4. I had no internet or TV for most of the day. It was a sad day.
  5. Oh the things we do for blogging. I was seriously laughing at myself getting ready for What’s in my handbag.
  6. My neck hurt so bad I didn’t eat supper (a piece of toast doesn’t count). You know it is pain when it stops me from eating.
  7. First game of the softball season and we lost. Bad.
  8. Husband made me breakfast this morning. He’s a keeper.
  9. This work project may just make me poke my eyes out. So much repetition.
  10. Holy cow it is hot (humid too)!
  11. Shopping is my cardio.
  12. Finally can open the windows and let some fresh air in.
  13. Made a smoothie for breakfast and brought lunch to work *pats self on back*
  14. And softball is cancelled again due to rain.
  15. Sand that has been rained on over and over again makes for really hard sand. Ouch!
  16. I love hosing Mr. poo dog off at 10:30 at night. By flashlight. Lovely
  17. Thank goodness for Friday.
  18. Loved hanging out with friends even if we have the worst timing ever by going up to the street dance right at the start of the longest band break ever.
  19. Let lazy Sunday commence.
  20. Monday. Monday, Monday
  21. Wow our softball team is terrible.
  22. Sand volleyball when it is stupid humid out makes for a very sandy me.
  23. Time for a Twins game!
  24. My golf game is not strong today. Yikes.
  25. I totally ordered a cheeseburger when we went out to eat. #NoShame
  26. And now my long weekend comes to an end.
  27. Back to reality and it isn’t fun.
  28. At least I was 3 for 3 even if my defense was subpar.
  29. Highlight of my day? The on ramp to the interstate is finally open. No more 10 minute detour!
  30. Work is slowly becoming a ghost town.

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We hope you can join us for next month on August 4!

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8 thoughts on “Sentence a Day: June Edition

  1. Rebecca Jo Vincent

    I love your way of doing this 🙂
    There’s nothing better than construction ending shaving off time. I’m having to drive around town until October. I’ll be rejoicing when it opens back up.

  2. Christine Everyday

    “I had no internet or TV for most of the day. It was a sad day.” SO relatable. Our internet goes down often in the mountains and without it we don’t get Netflix either. It’s the worst!

  3. Leslie Clingan

    You are quite the athlete. Walking is my my sport. What position do you play in softball? Is your hubby athletic, too? I am sure PC wishes I was. Yay for cheeseburgers, no shame allowed.

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