Sentence a Day: July Edition

Hello again! Welcome to Sentence a Day. What is this you ask? Well, we describe each day with just one sentence. It is a fun way to document your month in short little stories. We hope you join us for our next linkup, which will happen on September 1 (aka the first Thursday of every month).

The month of July

  1. Got to love making a Toppers run for lunch! Pizza and cheesy stix. Yum
  2. Got to be involved in a 50th surprise birthday party. He was actually surprised!
  3. So much for not doing anything this weekend.
  4. Hammock time and a good book. My kind of day.
  5. Our one chance of winning this softball season was totally blown.
  6. No more socks! No more nylons! Work changed the dress code and bare feet in sandals are now allowed.
  7. Why do short work weeks seem so darn long?
  8. Up and at ’em early today with a smoothie in hand.
  9. Bachelorette party tonight (party bus and all). Wish me luck.
  10. I almost feel bad for all those young’ns that are certainly feeling it today.
  11. Mondays are for meetings apparently.
  12. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier when you can throw a pair of sandals on.
  13. Oh, hey volleyball time.
  14. Nothing of interest happened today.
  15. Fridays are the best weekday.
  16. No plans for the weekend. Hooray.
  17. This introverted girl is a happy camper after a weekend to recharge.
  18. Actually made dinner. Fish is still healthy even if it is baked in butter right? Right.
  19. Warning: slightly graphic you have been warned Β – Β Seriously, if you feel the need to hover over the toilet seat and not use the seat for what it is for (SITTING ON) at least have the decency to clean up your own mess. I would much rather sit on seat that your bum was on than clean up YOUR pee. Gross.
  20. Woot, volleyball win!
  21. Excessive heat warning. Lovely.
  22. Ok, these temps in the mid 90s with heat indexes around 105+ have got to go.
  23. Time to sit inside and play Candy Crush. Ha!
  24. Mm mm waffles.
  25. Ugh. Another meeting Monday.
  26. Playing softball at 6:30 when you stare towards the west is not pleasant. My poor eyes.
  27. I like free pizza lunches at work. Until I eat too much and feel like I will roll home.
  28. Must finish this book before Reading Lately tomorrow!
  29. Happy Hoedown! (Aka our town celebration)
  30. So much good food, friends and drinks.
  31. Two nights out in a row makes for a tired Sunday.

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13 thoughts on “Sentence a Day: July Edition

  1. Rebecca Jo Vincent

    haha – I had to laugh at the young un’s comment πŸ™‚ Its the wisdom that comes with age that you look at younger people & know you know something they dont πŸ™‚ haha

  2. Leslie Clingan

    Bachelorette party was for a real bachelorette or for the show? Either way, I am sure it was fun. Can you wear denim/jeans to work? Or school district wavers between saying yes to jeans and then turning around and saying no. Glad you have a little more freedom in what you can wear.

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