Weekly Pretties: Gifts


1. Band.do // 2. Books // 3. Baskets // 4. Candles

I have a confession to make. I’m terrible at gift giving. My father has likely not had to buy any clothing (besides jeans or work wear) because the only thing I seem to give him is shirts. My husband isn’t much better, unless he gives me something specific he wants (which is like never). Other family members? Hope you like books. Or an occasional scarf. So imagine my happiness when I was looking around Shopbop and found an entire section marked as gifts. That will certainly make life easier when it is time to start buying gifts. Because lets be honest, it might be August, but it will be Christmas before we know it with the way this year has flown by. And this section also makes me want to get those candles. Because they are awesome.

Tell me, are you a good gift giver? Have any tips for me?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: Gifts

  1. Making the Most of Every Day

    I struggle with buying gifts and yes, I default to a set number of things: books, scarves, food, gift cards. We all have so. much. stuff! No one really *needs* another thing! That’s why I like to try to give consumable gifts.

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