Reading Lately: August Edition

Hello friends! Welcome to the August edition of Reading Lately! We (Michelle at Michelle Lately and Cat at Kitty Kitty La La and I) hope you find some new books to add to your never ending to-read list and join us for the linkup. Don’t have time to write a post? Instagram your books and tag with #ReadingLately to share with us. We are also adding to the book fun with a Goodreads group. Come and join us to talk books and to help us pick out our next reads!Reading Lately: reviews of Ruin by John Gwynne and The Last One by Alexandra Oliva | Puppies & Pretties

The month of August was not a good reading month for me. I blame it on the Olympics. If I was home, I was likely in front of the TV watching whatever was on. Volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics were my favorite, but almost anything was fair game. Unless it was soccer, handball, or water polo. I don’t know what it is about those type of sports, but I just don’t get them. Don’t get me wrong, I understand them, but watching them is like paint drying. But back to the books.

Ruin by John Gwynne: This is book 3 of the series and it picks up right after book 2 (you can read my review of book 1 and 2 here). Once again, lots of doom and gloom. But the storytelling is so fantastic in these books, it kind of evens it out. Plus I like the growth of the characters. But the ending had me feeling all sorts of things. Granted, it didn’t help that my husband, who has already read the book, pretty much ruined the end for me with about 50 pages left #ThanksHusband. But there was something a little off to it. While this is certainly a dark fantasy, it seemed to go over the deep end without reason. Maybe it will resolve in the next book. I don’t know. I think the other thing that threw me off was the ending was very abrupt. The writing just didn’t flow as well as it had the rest of the series. Here is to hoping that everything is cleared up in the final book and my faith in the series is restored. Can it be November 17th yet (when the 4th book comes out)?
   Rating: 4 out of 5  

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva: I reviewed this book earlier in the month (see the post here). Short answer, this book is awesome. Go get it right now.
   Rating: 4 out of 5, almost 4.5  
   c/o Netgalley

What have you been reading this month?

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12 thoughts on “Reading Lately: August Edition

  1. Leslie Clingan

    Darn Olympics! I actually read more than I usually do this month. But that isn’t saying much. You know me, the lazy librarian. I am going to adopt your rating system for my reviews in the future. Linking up with a post reviewing kids books. Here’s to more time to read in September.

  2. Katie Mitchell

    I didn’t read this month either….still working on Whet Alice Forgot!! LOL am going to check out The Last One now!!!

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