Sentence a Day: August Edition

Hello again! Welcome to Sentence a Day. What is this you ask? Well, we describe each day with just one sentence. It is a fun way to document your month in short little stories. We hope you join us for our next linkup, which will happen on October 1 (aka the first Thursday of every month).

  1. I would much rather take a Monday off than Friday. There is no competition.
  2. Back to the daily grind.
  3. This humidity is disgusting.
  4. I’m ready for the weekend already.
  5. Well, that Opening Ceremony was certainly…something.
  6. Oh Trader Joes, how I have missed you.
  7. Who would of thought road race biking would be exciting to watch?
  8. I think there should be a two week holiday so we can watch the Olympics all day every day.
  9. Oh goody, a double header against the two best teams in the league. #sarcasm
  10. Last regular season volleyball game ends in a win!
  11. I almost put blush on my forehead. It’s going to be a long day.
  12. This monster project at work needs to launch, like yesterday. Ugh.
  13. I played tennis today. Yep, I’m bad.
  14. And now I’m feeling that tennis play. Ouch.
  15. Ugh Monday.
  16. Another double header for softball. I’m ready for the season to be over.
  17. Getting seated 8th in volleyball means we played the top team in the league. Let’s just say volleyball is now over.
  18. Olympics have taken over my life.
  19. Oh goody. The major project I’ve been working on at work has been pushed back. AGAIN.
  20. Windows open during the day? I’ll take these temperatures!
  21. Didn’t go to the county fair for the first time in well, ever. Feels kind of weird to not go visit!
  22. Monday. That is all.
  23. Happy to finally be done with sports for the summer. It’s been a long season.
  24. Volunteered to fix something at work. Not only do I get that, but a whole other section to build.
  25. This project has become a real soul sucker.
  26. I should of taken today off and went to the MN State Fair.
  27. Off to celebrate a friend’s wedding!
  28. Celebrating my grandma’s 90th birthday.
  29. Potluck at work makes for a good lunch.
  30. My husband has been canning over the last few days. Let’s just say I’m sick of that rattle!
  31. Time for wine.

How has your month been?

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6 thoughts on “Sentence a Day: August Edition

  1. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Yay I love reading your recaps, and You know I completely forgot to write about the Olympics and how I was getting 4 hours of sleep each night because I just HAD to watch…hehe. And yes to taking 2 weeks off, it should be a national holiday or something.

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