Books Wish List: Vol. 1

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I love reading books. But sometimes, I like to just look at pretty ones. I can’t be the only one that drools over those perfectly styled bookshelves and coffee tables. So lets all pretend that we have a gorgeous bookshelf to fill with all of these pretty books. And how about that ridiculously awesome balloon dog??

So tell me, do you have a stylized shelf or are yours filled to the brim like all of mine? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Books Wish List: Vol. 1

  1. Making the Most of Every Day

    I’ve seen people rainbowtize their books! I cannot do that. They are arranged by category. I did purge four boxes of books last week so now my shelves are neat again. But I do love to flip through gardening books and cookbooks and drool over the glossy photographs.

  2. Alexandra Yargeau

    That balloon dog is so cute! Having a pretty bookshelf has always been one of my decor dreams, but I always find that I fill them up with books instead of keeping them styled. Right now I have my bookshelf arranged by color.

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