Review: The Immortal Crown

Epic fantasy has always been my jam. So I was excited to begin a new series. The Immortal Crown by Kieth Merrill focuses on building a world that is close to chaos and multiple forces are on the hunt for the stones of light that according to prophesy will give the holder immortality and reign as king.
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Summary from Goodreads:

A thousand years ago, the Navigator possessed thirteen stones touched by Oum’ilah, the God of gods. Over time, these powerful stones of light were scattered and a prophecy arose declaring that a “child of no man” would gather them again, and he would be given immortality and reign forever as god and king of Kandelaar.

Now, in an age of chaos, the time has come for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Light and darkness have each chosen a champion to claim the legendary stones: The sorceress of the cult of she-dragon has chosen Drakkor, a warrior and mercenary who travels with bandits and a corrupt stone of darkness.

The Oracle of Oum’ilah has placed his faith in Ashar, a young postulant who is unsure the stones of light even exist.

Meanwhile, miles away, a slave named Ereon Qhuin dreams of freedom. Abandoned at birth, his only possession is a strange stone that he believes is the key to his destiny and freedom.

A mercenary, a postulant, and a slave—which one is truly the child of prophecy? Who will wear the immortal crown?

Review of The Immortal Crown

Oh epic fantasy, how you make me happy. While The Immortal Crown is far from happy and bright, there is something about big epic stories that just speak to me.

This book has 3 main point of views; Draakkor, Ashar, and Qhuin. In addition, there are 2 other secondary POV’s plus a few other chapters with others. So that means there are a lot of characters and a lot to keep track of. Be forewarned, the POV’s jump around A LOT at the beginning, so it can be difficult to get into the story.

There is a pretty definite line between the good guys and the bad guys in this story. There isn’t much grey area. The royals and leaders of the land are corrupt and are holding the little guy down. Drakkor is practically created by some not nice people and he keeps that not nice feel throughout his life.

Several of the characters are multifaceted, especially Qhuin. There are also many secondary characters that I want to know more about because they are intriguing. The one con is that there are very few women characters. All but one are role players: courtesans, tavern girls, temple virgin that needs saving, an old crone, etc. Meesha is the only one that has some characterization. But the thing is she isn’t just a girl. She has a large birthmark on her face that has set her apart. The only reason she is probably alive is because she is the daughter of a  now-exiled prince. Oh, did I mention she is more into learning swordplay and the like? Now, I’m all about the girl that doesn’t like embroidery in my books. But when she is pretty much the ONLY woman that isn’t a whore/virigin. I kind of get annoyed.

The Immortal Crown doesn’t really have any storylines that actually wrapped up. It really is one real big build up for the series. Plus the epilogue brings in a brand new character that has was hinted at throughout the book but we see who he really is then. So zero wrap up. One main character we don’t even know where he is, and one is on his way to start a quest of sorts.

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I enjoyed this book. But it seemed a little rough compared to other epic fantasy books I have read. Be prepared to continue to read this series if you enjoy the storyline, because there isn’t a clean ending. I will still read the next book in the series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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