5 Ways to Wear Vests

I love vests. I realized the other day that I often wear one at least 3 times a week. There are so many different ways to wear vests that it is easy to wear them often. I’ve pulled together the top 5 ways I wear them to share with you.
5 ways to wear vests | vest with jeans | vest with dress | vest with leggings and tunic for sporty look | dressy look with a vest with tunic and skinny jeans | vest with skirt | Puppies & Pretties

With jeans and blouse

Probably the easiest way to wear a vest, the classic jeans and shirt. It will keep you warm and toasty, but also add a little edge to your outfit. Plus, there is a good chance your vest will have pockets, and who doesn’t want another set of pockets?

5 ways to wear vests | vest with jeans | Puppies & Pretties

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Over a dress

Wearing a vest over a dress is a great way to add dimension to an outfit. For the example below, I went with a more tailored look. But I also love to wear my puffer type vests with simple jersey dresses.

5 ways to wear vests | vest with dress | Puppies & Pretties

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Sporty look with tunic with leggings

This is the perfect look for running errands, especially in the early spring or late fall. You know those times where you pretty much need a coat to be outside, but if you wear it inside you feel like you will melt? Yep, those days. So wear a long sleeve shirt with a vest so you don’t have to completely freeze as you run to and from the car but won’t roast to death while perusing the mall.

5 ways to wear vests | vest with leggings and tunic for sporty look | Puppies & Pretties

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Dressed up tunic and skinny jeans/pants

I don’t know what it is about nice blouses and tunics, but they are just not warm. So when you are heading to the tundra of cube land, a vest is the perfect way to stay warm. While I love these Lush tunics, they are not warm. For this outfit, I used a Patagonia fuzzy vest, but nearly any kind of vest would work.

5 ways to wear vests | dressy look with a vest with tunic and skinny jeans | Puppies & Pretties

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With a skirt

As I was pulling this post together, I made note to wear this outfit again. Because you can’t go wrong with a warm plaid vest and stripes. I like to pair vests with skirts as a way to dress them down a bit. While my office is business casual, that usually means not jeans and a top. So a skirt at times can seem a bit too fancy. So by throwing a vest on top I get a bit more warmth and a more casual look.

5 ways to wear vests | vest with skirt | Puppies & Pretties

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There you have it! Do you have other ways to wear vests?

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13 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear Vests

  1. Courtney Patterson

    I like vests and own a few, but I never really know how or what to wear them. This definitely gives me some good ideas and a place to start!

  2. Adriana

    These are all SUCH cute looks! I love these! Vests are my favorite and I pretty much wear them as long as I can in the winter haha!

  3. Mica

    Such great ways to wear vests! 🙂 I prefer my arms to be covered so never really go into vests….but recently picked one up in the sales so I can do a little bit of summer and autumn layering, when it’s not so cold I need sleeves. It’s pink so I’ll need to try it with stripes next like you’ve shown here 🙂

    Hope you have a great week ahead of you 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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