Into Aether Review

Imagine getting thrust into a world similar to ours, but still completely different. All while finding out you have more ties to that world than you could ever image. That is what Theo realizes in Into Aether. This young adult book has magic, airships, a parallel world, bad guys and a some almost insta-love. Lets get into my Into Aether review.
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Goodreads summary:

Colorado teen Theodora (Theo) will do anything to find her missing mom, including travel into the hidden and mysterious Victorian subculture of Aether. She takes a ride with airship pirates to a floating island full of strange automatons and even stranger people.

After a century-old feud reignites, she uncovers the alarming truth about her family’s past. Finding her mother is more important than ever.

Into Aether review

Theo is your typical emo-ish teenager. But when her mother seemingly disappears, Theo is quickly pulled into something much bigger than she expected. She is whisked away to another world, Victorian-esque Aether. But no one seems to want to explain things to Theo and she keeps investigating to try and find her mom. What she finds out shakes everything that she knows about her family to the core.

Theo is staying with a bit of a dysfunctional family. There are all sorts of secrets within the family and she is seemingly in the middle of it. Her relationships with the daughters of the family are one of the good draws of the book. The one I struggled with though was the son. Theo and him supposedly disliked each other. But we constantly hear about his emerald eyes and how distracting they are #eyeroll. As you can imagine, they end up falling in looove with each other.

Of course, after they declare their love for one another, something bad happens. Theo ends up in another Aether city were she is once again a “guest.” There she has to try to unravel the plan, all while finding out some more bad news. With the help from several unexpected people, she escapes and is reunited with her family.

This is one of those books that you can’t expect too much out of. It is full of troupes and roll-playing characters. And some ridiculous interactions. But the setting is enjoyable and I wanted to keep reading just to figure things out.

Overall review of Into Aether

For the most part, I enjoyed this book. I wasn’t a fan of the love story portion, but the premise is interesting. I’m not sure I’ll pick up the next book in the series, especially after reading the sneak peek of it as it seems to be full of even more cliches than the first book.
3 out of 5 stars
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