Upcoming Book Releases to Get Excited About

My to-read list is so out of control, it isn’t even funny. And that is just books that I already own! But that doesn’t stop me from looking at books that are coming out in the months ahead that have got me excited. Now to get going on that TBR pile…

Provenance by Ann Leckie: I still need to read the final book in her Ancillary series (I need to fix that ASAP) but this new book sounds SO GOOD. Per the Goodreads summary “an enthralling new novel of power, theft, privilege and birthright.” Sign me up! It comes out late September.

The Core by Peter V. Brett: The 5th and final book in the series, this one has magic, demons, betrayals and all that fun stuff. I actually still need to read book 4 in the series and I’m hoping this release will get me going. I might even re-read the entire series because it has been so long since I read the first one and I don’t want to feel lost. Do you do that when releases are spread out? Comes out early October.

The Five Daughters of the Moon by Leena Likitalo: I’m pretty sure I saw this book on another blog and pretty much decided I wanted to read it because of the cover. Per the Goodreads summary, “Inspired by the 1917 Russian revolution and the last months of the Romanov sisters, The Five Daughters of the Moon by Leena Likitalo is a beautifully crafted historical fantasy with elements of technology fueled by evil magic.” I always love when historical fiction gets intertwined with magic. Comes out end of July.

The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin: The final in a trilogy, this is one I’m contemplating pre-ordering. I recommended the first one for the TBB Book club (see my review of book one and two). Jemisin’s writing is amazing and her world building pulls you right in. I can’t wait for the end of the world! (Per Goodreads, “THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS… FOR THE LAST TIME.”) 🙂 Comes out mid-August.

Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson: I’ve said it before, but Brandon Sanderson can do no wrong. This is the third book in his epic fantasy series. These books are monsters (I’m talking 1200 pages!) so be ready to read! Comes out mid-November.

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden: This doesn’t come out until January 2018, but I just had to include it. I absolutely loved The Bear and the Nightingale (read my review) and didn’t even realize there was going to be more books. So yay! Set in medieval Russia, it follows a young woman that wants to follow her own path. I love this mix of historical fiction and fantasy.

What books are you looking forward to getting released?



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  1. Cat

    Oh The Five Daughters of the Moon sounds great! I always pick books out by their cover haha. And I’m sure you’ve seen my to-read list, it’s out of control 🙂 Your other books sound so good too, darn you for making my list grow haha! But really thank you 🙂

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