Christmas in July with The Blended Blog

Merry Christmas in July friends! The Blended Blog ladies decided to do another summer gift exchange. If you are coming from Shelly at The Queen in Between, welcome! Shelly and I have had a bit of an adventure with this gift exchange. Shelly is our newest member and had asked Andrea for advice on what to get me. Andrea remembered a conversation that we had in Toronto about tassel earrings so Shelly sent me the pair pictured below via Nordstrom.

Unfortunately, what didn’t come out of the conversation with Andrea is that I can’t really wear earrings (too sensitive). But I always admire them! Since they came from Nordstrom, it was easy to send back and I’m planning on getting the necklace above in exchange. Or maybe putting it towards this suede jacket if it comes back in stock 🙂

But Shelly and I weren’t done with Nordstrom yet. The Anniversary Sale had started and packages were starting to arrive. I was kind of confused when I got one when mine weren’t set to arrive to come until the next day. So I open it up only to find it was Shelly’s! She had my address in her account yet and it got chosen instead of hers. Fast forward a week or so and I had another package sitting on my porch when mine was scheduled for the next day. It was another one of Shelly’s. Needless to say, she has since deleted my address from her account and the mailman at my local post office is going to think I’m crazy with all the packages that I’ll be dropping off 🙂

Now that you have read about Shelly and I’s Nordstrom fun, go check out what I sent to Sheila at Making the Most of Everyday!


23 thoughts on “Christmas in July with The Blended Blog

  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh girl, I had no idea and super crazy about the packages but a fun story none the less and the necklace will be gorgeous!!

  2. Shelly @ The Queen in Between

    What an adventure for sure! That necklace is beautiful…..but that suede jacket is for real a great staple. So sorry again for all the crazy…but let’s face it…this gives you some foreshadowing into what it will be like to hang out with me. 🙂

  3. Crystal

    Those earrings are so adorable. Bummer that you can’t wear them! But, I know you will find something awesome to exchange it for. So funny about her packages coming to your house!

  4. Christy

    That is priceless!! I’ve done that to my brother many times and most recently to our previous house owners….

  5. Lisa Richardson

    Earrings irritate my ears too unless they are dangly like the tassels. That’s hilarious that her stuff was showing up at your house. A pain, but hilarious none the less.

  6. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    haha, funny story! Those earrings are so cute, I have the same sensitivity to earrings. Although sometimes if I put clear nailpolish on the posts and the backs I can get away with wearing them for an evening before it becomes too itchy 🙂

  7. Shaunacey

    lol that’s too funny that you were getting her packages!
    I did not know you couldn’t wear earrings – I will need to remind myself of this if I ever get you in an exchange!

  8. Lana L.

    Oh no!!! I did something similar when Thomas came home from school for the summer. I was having his contacts sent to school, and forgot to change the address. Oops!! Filing away – no earrings for Alison! The necklace is pretty!

  9. Nicole Miller

    Oh so funny!! It’s too bad you can’t wear those earrings cause they are adorable. I’m also making a mental note!

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