Weekly Pretties: Party Dresses

Isn’t it crazy that we are almost to Christmas? Doesn’t if feel like it was just the 4th of July? Of course, right after Christmas come New Years and all the fun that comes with that. I won’t lie, I’ve always wanted to go to a fancy party in a fancy dress. Party dresses are just so fun, no? The sequins, velvet, metallics and all that. Granted, I probably won’t even go out for New Years because I ALWAYS seem to get sick right after Christmas and then end up watching the ball drop from my couch 🙂 But a girl can dream of wearing one of the beauties!

Weekly Pretties: Party Dresses | Get ready for NYE with great party dresses | Puppies & Pretties


In all honesty, even if I do go out, it will probably be in jeans or leggings and a tunic. Why? Because our “going out” is going to a local bar and anything beyond jeans would be far too “dressed up.” Oh, and I’m sure it will be cold, because well, it is the end of December in Minnesota!

Do you go out for New Years? Or are you more of a homebody like me?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: Party Dresses

  1. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Oh I love me a good party dress, and yes to doing something fun on NYE, but then I think..it’s so much more fun to drink at home with friends and be comfortable, not have to deal with drunk people and then trying to get a cab/uber home when everyone else is too. Haha!

  2. Leslie Clingan

    We are old fuddy duddies over here so will no doubt spend NYE here at home…maybe in the hot tub with some snacks and bubbly. I have been swooning over midi tulle skirts for some time…probably since Sarah styled hers so well. Love the one you’ve shared. Might have to get one, even if I just wear it at home. Merry Christmas!

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