Weekly Pretties: AUrate New York

A few weeks ago, I cleaned out my jewelry collection. I got rid of all the items that I just don’t wear anymore. And let me tell you, it felt great. I feel like I can see and find the jewelry that I actually want to wear. It also got me thinking about my jewelry style. Gone are the days of big costume jewelry. While I still love a few of my statement pieces, I’d rather have quality pieces that will pass the test of time and style. With that in mind, that is where AUrate New York comes into play. This US-based company makes fine jewelry, no concessions. Let me tell you, I’m loving pretty much everything they have to offer!
AUrate New York | Fine jewelry, No concessions. AUrate has some great jewelry options that will stand the test of time and style | Puppies & Pretties

I mean, can you go wrong any of these items? I love the simplicity of them, but so many of those little details that make the item pop. I’m partial to the pearl necklace, because i know it will work so well in my wardrobe. But that gold floral bracelet? Swoon!

What type of jewelry do you tend to gravitate toward? Simple and dainty or big and bold?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Pretties: AUrate New York

  1. Laura

    Ohhhh doesn’t it feel so good to purge?? And I have such a weird mix of statement and more delicate/classic pieces and gravitate toward one or the other depending on what I’m wearing:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

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