Weekly Pretties: TBB Hilton Head Shopping

As you can imagine, when you get a bunch of bloggers together that met doing a style challenge, there was a lot of shopping. For a fun Friday post, we are sharing some of our favorite purchases made on our trip!

Weekly Pretties: TBB Hilton Head shopping | What I bought while traveling with my Blended Blog Friends | Puppies & Pretties

Spartina 449 scarf: I wanted to visit a Spartina store while there and we ended up at a “factory” one. But the day before, I saw this beauty on their instagram. I had to have it. Alas, the factory store only had retired prints, but the nice lady there informed me that the main store on Hilton Head had it. We made a special trip to the store just to go to Spartacus (no one else on the trip could pronounce/remember Spartina so it somehow morphed to Spartacus)

Spartina 449 Nora half-zip dress: This pretty little lady caught my eye in the store but I withheld myself. But then I kept seeing the store associate in it and I knew I had to at least try it on. Suffice it to say, it came home with me and I’ve already worn it (with the scarf above BTW)

Vineyard Vines funnel neck sweater: This wasn’t the exact one I got (I was shopping at a Factory Store) but this is darn close. Mine is grey with white stripes and I loved it so much I wore it on the flight home!

J. Crew Factory gingham vest: Somehow, I didn’t have a gingham vest. I have rectified that situation now.

Lilly Pulitzer Sophie dress: All the heart eyes for this one. I loved getting to actually go into a Lilly store. Plus, this was on sale AND I got an extra discount on it. Wins all the way around.

Hopefully I’ll get my act together and you will be seeing some of these items in “real life” here on the blog!

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