Reading Lately: February 2019 Edition

Hi friends! Another month, more book reviews! I finished 5 books since my last review post, which means I’m right on track with my Goodreads goal. Good thing I read one book in about two days 🙂

Reading Lately: February 209 Edition. Book reviews of Skyward by Brandon Sanderson; The Stars Now Unclaimed by Drew Williams; Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton; A Crucible of Souls and Blood of Innocents by Mitchell Hogan | Puppies & Pretties

What I’ve been reading Lately

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson: I love Brandon Sanderson. This is such a fun YA sci-fi story. Humans are living underground on a planet with aliens constantly attacking them from space, especially if they try to go to the surface or fly planes. Spensa is a girl who just wants to be a fighter pilot but she carries the baggage of her father being a traitor/coward in one of the biggest battles with the aliens. Because of her family’s standing, Spensa often explores tunnels and caverns far from town. In one of these, she finds an ancient ship that is technologically superior to anything humans currently have. Spensa has to navigate flight school while trying to fix the ship (which is sentient) and try to get in the good graces of the leaders. There is so much to love about this book. Spensa is a smart-mouthed, trash talking teenager who knows what she wants in life. But as she continues on that path, she starts to realize that maybe it isn’t everything she thought. There are themes of coward/hero, leaders knowing best, and friendship. Plus a sentient ship named M-Bot and a slug like animal that Spensa names DoomSlug. The characters are fantastic, the world is fascinating, and the ending. Oh my. The ending. SO GOOD.
5 out 5 stars

The Stars Now Unclaimed by Drew Williams: If you are in the mood for fast-paced, action packed, space opera, this book is for you. Set in a galaxy where a weapon (The Pulse) was released and pushed most planets way back the technological scale (think going back to pre-Industrial Revolution). Each planet was affected differently, so while some kept space travel, others went back to nothing. Another side effect of The Pulse was children born with miraculous gifts and that is who our main character, is looking for. The organization she is a part of, Justified, knows the Pulse will come back and thinks that these gifted children can help stop it. While picking up one particularly gifted teenager, Esa, Jane finds out the bad dudes of the galaxy, the Pax, are on the hunt for not only the same children, but also Justified. Because they want to take over the entire galaxy. What comes next is the Justified fighting for their lives and the research they are doing to help stop the Pulse and to try and stop the Pax from taking over everything. Like I said, if you like action, you will enjoy this one. Don’t expect deep characters, but they are rounded enough to not be cookie-cutters.
4 out 5 stars
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A Crucible of Souls by Mitchell Hogan: I’ve had this on my to-read list for quite some time and had planned to read it on a trip last year, but that never happened. So I was excited to pick it up again. Caladan is an orphan raised by monks (with an education and training in sorcery) after his parents are killed. But something happens and he is forced to leave the monastery. As he is leaving, the monks explain more about his parents and he vows to learn more about them and their mysterious past. Caladan gets in all sorts of trouble before finally finding a place as an apprentice with the Sorcerer’s Guild. But there is evil afoot in the world and Caladan sees that everything isn’t what it seems. I honestly was enjoying this book until about the last 15%. It was easily a 4 star book until then. But it went from a story that flowed and made sense to lets jam and force all this action before the book ends. It just didn’t work.
3 out 5 stars

Blood of Innocents by Mitchell Hogan: I had already bought this book (on super sale) so I figured I would give it a chance even though I was disappointed in book 1. I wish I hadn’t. Its like the poorness of the end of book one just continued. There was also more switching of POV, which is usually fine, but I didn’t really care about any of the other POVs. I had to force myself to finish this book and I’m not really sure why I didn’t just DNF. As you can imagine, I won’t be reading book 3.
2.5 out 5 stars

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton: I read this book in two days and it was just what I needed after reading the Hogan books (above). The setting is a mix of Middle Eastern and the Wild West. Sort of odd, but it works. Amani, the main character, is a sharpshooting girl living in a tiny town that manufactures guns. Being a girl, she is looked down upon and she just wants to get out, especially after her mother is hung for murdering her husband. She gets her chance when she gets tangled up with a foreigner, Jin. What comes next is a lot of running from the law and Amani trying to figure out what she wants. With Jin, she is pulled into a rebellion and finds out she is a little different. I enjoyed this book because it was easy to fall into the story. There is some romance, but it doesn’t feel obnoxious like most YA stories. There also seems to be more to the story, and with reading the summary of the next book, there is. But it doesn’t feel like that it is missing in this book, more of we are seeing one side of the story.
4 out 5 stars

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