Reading Lately: September 2019 Edition

Hi friends! It doesn’t seem possible, but we are already in September! My reading fell off a bit the last month, partially due to a freelance job I worked on and then there were days when I just didn’t feel like reading. Ever have those? But these seemed more prevalent in the last month, so only 4 books completed. Still not a bad rate, just off from my normal 5.

Reading Lately: September 2019 Edition | Book reviews of The Path of the Storm and The Lore of the Evermen by James Maxwell; The Chosen by Taran Matharu; American Royals by Katharine McGee | Puppies & Pretties

What I’ve been reading lately

The Path of the Storm by James Maxwell: The third book in the series, Ella and Miro’s world is trying to pick up the pieces after the war. After a near disaster, Miro and Amber (accidentally) go on a journey across the world where no one has come back from. They discover a land that doesn’t deal with essence and lore. But they also find the enemy that they didn’t know was back. Honestly, this book didn’t feel necessary in this series. It felt like filler to stretch it out to 4 books. It had all sorts of action, but the storylines didn’t really progress that much throughout an entire book.
3 out 5 stars

American Royals by Katharine McGee: Imagine if George Washington became the King of the America. That is the backdrop of American Royals. We meet current day royal sisters Beatrice and Samantha, along with Sam’s twin brother Jefferson. Included in POVs are some friends that are “just commoners” and another aspiring to join the royal family. Beatrice has been groomed her entire life to be the first queen and as it gets closer to reality, she begins to feel trapped. Sam is the “spare” and always feels second rate to her perfect sister. All the siblings and their friends are either just out of college or about to go and are feeling life’s pressures on them. All take it a little differently. This is a fun coming of age type book that has Gossip Girl vibes to it. It was enjoyable to see all the character either embrace their roles or act out. The only thing I didn’t really like is that no one seemed to get a happy ending on this. As in, all the acting out and trying to go against the standards was for naught. Maybe in the upcoming books we will see more of that.
3.5 out 5 stars
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The Lore of the Evermen by James Maxwell: Ella and Miro try to prepare everyone for the coming of The Lord of Night. But of course there is political bickering and maneuvering. This book has a ton of prepping for the war against The Lord of Night and then a ton of actual fighting. I will say this was a satisfying conclusion to the series. If you like big, fantasy reads with a lot of action, you will likely enjoy this series. It isn’t super amazing, but it isn’t bad either.
3.5 out 5 stars

The Chosen by Taran Matharu: I was seriously disappointed in this book. I enjoyed Matharu’s Summoner series but this new series doesn’t live up to it. The main character, Cade, is at a boarding school for “bad” kids after being framed for stealing laptops. Then he is transported to another world fighting for his life. He meets up with other boys from his school and they try to figure out what is happening. Along the way, the meet other people from other times, dinosaurs, and all sorts of other things. And all we know is that it is a “game” and Earth is in the balance if they lose. But that is the problem with this book, there is no reason for any of it, until the very end. While I’m all for mystery-esque type themes, this one gave nothing up to even theorize. The little (tiny) nuggets sprinkled throughout, and really not until much later in the book, just weren’t enough for me. The characters were also lacking if you ask me. This was all action for no reason and little depth.
2 out 5 stars
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What have you been reading lately?